Timer ticking at character selection screen


So, this already happened to me too many times. At the character selection screen I’m chatting with my party, waiting for other players to fill the empty slots or just not knowing which perk to pick when suddenly the game starts when I haven’t picked anything, sometimes not even a character. It would help a lot if there was a ticking on the timer for the last 5 seconds like at the screen with the minimap replay.


There’s a 1:30 - 2:00 timer in the top right corner.


Lol it lasts two minutes you gotta pay attention :stuck_out_tongue:


I just ninja’d somebody. My life is complete


Well played sir :open_mouth:


I can’t see the timer when I’m browsing the forum on my phone lol :smile:
It would just be a cool feature and I guess easy to program.

I don’t always wait until the end of the character selection screen, but when I WHOA THE GAME ALREADY STARTS AGAIN :smile:


Why would you be browsing the forums without picking a character/perk first? Lol

I get it, I love the forums too.


Yeah I agree with this, an audio tick for the last 5 seconds would be great.