Timer run out bug

Was Wraith, playing on Refueling Tower, when the timer started near the end of the game. Keep in mind ive been stage 3 for roughly 6 or more minutes… everyone was dead except for Cabot, so i go searching for him. Timer continued to run down to 1:10 or so. I go attack relay, get shot off, armor ran down, go to next battle, lose health, kill everyone but Cabot again. Same happens, timer goes down to ~20 seconds, eventually i lose by dying because i couldnt armor up before waiting to fight, couldnt kill Cabot because of time, and couldnt destroy the relay because of Cabot… is this a bug or designed for Hunt 2.0?

Doesn’t seem like a bug. Seems like Cabot killed you or prevented you from destroying the relay. I was going to change category that you posted in but I’m not entirely sure what happened.
If I understand right it’s not a bug.

Did Cabot kill you ? Or did the time run out ?

Time was running out while Cabot was the only hunter alive. As in under two minutes. Timer is supposed to stop at two minutes when either the relay is being attacked or any hunter is dead. I eventually died because i couldnt attack the relay nor could i armor up because if i left the relay, the timer started again, even though there was only one hunter alive. And this was under two minutes.