Timer is a little shortish for technical match


Been fighting vs reasonable teams/hunters. Using a monster like wraith vs these kind of required work. You get the usual downs (when you figure out the team), causes some strikes, but these team do some high damage, so it requires the normal come and goes to recover. For these type of fights I find the timer a little short. Lately when I get to level 3 to expand the life , is like 20 seconds left.

I know that the timer is the way you basically control the session but is not easy out there sometimes. Most of the time is peanuts but recently is being bad ass teams, damn laz, the tech hank, freaking sky lasers, too many shit going on in these fights with good teams.

Maybe you guys (devs) can evaluate if doing a condition like let say: if(last-encounter-fight => 20secs) then start counting again. It would give the monster kind of a break to counter the team properly. Nah just a suggestion.

Before the kids start raging in here: Hey just a suggestion. You can always buff the wraith :smiley:

OR you can just draw the match if nobody died.