Time to say THANK YOU(!) Turtle Rock Studios

With the last patch out and the PS4 version working (mostly) fine again I feel the need to say thank you for this great game to everyone who works at Turtle Rock Studios. :smile:

  1. Who ever had the idea it is a great and very unique game, this alone is worth more than many games out there.

  2. The art design is PERFECT! The planet Shear really comes to life, the monster and hunters look great.

  3. I like how you tell the Story, it is mysterious, kind of Dark Souls. It is really fun trying to figure out what is happening.

  4. The sound is also great and the actors do a great job.

And since money is worth more than words I recently bought the hunting season pass. :wink:


It’s not said enough, whoever is involved with the sound design and engineering at TRS deserves a huge pat on the back. Massive part of the game.


I’m so happy we have so many of these threads as of recent.
The darkness is out in masses today :confused:


We need more of these threads. There is too much complaining going on. This game is awesome and I love every bit of it.


I take it your late to Evolve just going off your " I recently bought the hunting season pass"

1)- Yes i agree the game concept is very good

2)- While i agree, some maps don’t look as good as others,colour pallet is dull on a few

3)- Don’t agree on this one,for me there doesn’t seem to much lore in the game apart from the convo’s in dropship and lack of a single campaign.

4)- I agree the actors are good some more so than others my favourite is Hyde then Hank.

Evolve is a great game but for me it still lacks content and looking back the launch was lacking a lot of content but hey i do love Evolve. :monster: :+1:

The sound effects engineering in this game is brilliant. It’s like… someone had to create a sound that will make you go “Ohshitamonsterinearby”, and they succeed in tremendous fashion.


I just wanted to wait with buying the season pass till they fix the PS4 version.

For the story it`s great for a multiplayer game and I think that was always the idea that the monster is controlled by another human player. They could have just gone with the “There are monster, fight the Monsters” aproach. One of my favorit parts was when I thought that the monsters could be some kind of planet self-defence and a few matches later the hunters talked about this in the dropship.
If there was a book I would buy it…

I have had many hours of fun with this game. And there is no end in sight. Especially because I have met really cool people from all over the world, and some even became good friends.

Thank you TRS for this game!


Maybe i’m not that observant but i couldn’t tell what Evolve’s story is other than 4 hunters vs 1 monster on a weird planet lol,maybe a bit more lore would be better in say the load screen text,cause it’s mainly gameplay tips not actual lore.

Thank you <ahiknska

Thank you for making addictive fun game

Thank you for making funny glitches

Thank you for wasting our time after playing half an hour and then the game glitches and kick us

I am joking :smile:


I love this game so much …

Thank you for making such an incredible game that we enjoy …

Thank you for supporting it and listening to all our complaints and desires

Perfection does not exist … there are issues but I think it will be gone soon

Our heart can’t thank you enough for making this game :blush:

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Everything from the sounds, and images of Evolve invoke the foreign, the adventure, and the creativeness that should be in video games. After seeing the trailer for this game last year, I thought to myself; in a world of repetitive first person shooters, TRS found a way to bring originality into a dead genre of gaming. I love Evolve, and hope to see support for this game for a very long time.

I just hope someone from Turtle Rock Studios even reads this and not just the negative posts.

The ps4 version? Aren’t we about three patches behind? My mortars still take 37 minutes to land!

but yeah, amazing game. Love it!! One of the best mp games ever.

this is definitely a great game, I will fully support it no matter what happens, even though the game seems to be dropping off the radar quick. I feel that this game doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Ive spent more time on this game than any other, and that includes Dark Souls 2, which I played nonstop for a VERY long time. Just so immersed in every aspect, and Ive met a ton of people while playing. Met one guy who I play with everyday, and wont be stopping anytime soon. Just waiting for T5 to fully come out, and I hope more people will recognize this game because it is amazing!

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