Time to say good bye forum comunity, its been an honour


So yea as title says.

Maybe some of you noticed me , maybe some not but that doesn’t matter.

I just wanted to thank you, evolve comunity .
You were the best game forum comunity experience I had so far .

I am leaving those forums from now on , cause of… personal causes…
Maybe I will come back one day but it is not gonna by anywhere in near future…

This comunity always gave me smile on my face with their attidude, interesting threads , coments and also lot of dumb stuff people could find here . I loved it all.

So once again Thank You , and also one extra thanks goes to all Regulars and Leaders I came in to interaction somehow .
I have never seen such kind and helpful people on any other game foeums in my life.

Its been an honour for me to spend my time here with people like you .

With love


Stahp, Ima cry ;-;
I’ll miss you and your hella awesome paint skills man, they never ceased to bring a smile to my face :crying_cat_face:
Stay golden ponyboy.
Stay Golden >~<


Everybody is leaving… I hope this game isn’t on its death bed. We need more people in the community. stay golden!!


Take it easy Z :slight_smile:


It’s sad to see you go but you have your reasons, whatever they may be.
I hope you will return at some point but if that day doesn’t come then I wish you good luck for the future.
Take care Zeon


I’m gonna miss you


Gudbai, Zeon. You will be missed. ;-; Best wishes.


I tried leaving for a week (for exams)
Didn’t last an hour >.<
Stupid community, stahp being so loveable
:heart: :heart: :heart:


Couldn’t agree more. :wink:


I also couldn’t agree more :wink:


Later then Zeon. ^.^


You take care, man.

I hope to see you around again one day. :frowning: :cry: :sob:


It’s been a pleasure for me as well Zeon. Take care of yourself. And if your personal reasons are serious feel free to reach out. We are all here for eachother.


Goodbye, Zeon. You will be missed, friend. :confused:


I have no idea who you are.

Having said that, I hope that whatever challenges you’re facing outside of this corner of the internet work themselves out.

Good luck and take care.


lmao this forum is srs bsns


Nvm. I found out


Seeya, even though I didn’t know you. It’s nice to see somebody leave with good impressions. I wish you the best in your life.


Best wishes. I hope you can come by again. Just remember: You can visit the forums anytime… even from internet cafe’s!


Hope you come back soon!