Time to end this

Many people have different opinions on slim so leave your opinions and plz leave suggestions on how to make him better.

I personally don’t have MUCH of an issue with slim if he gets focused then he’s dead he’s very weak at being ambused.

and I know many will say what about hank or sunny, they can be countered and I’m speaking as a wraith player so I can’t say for the other monsters but with the news of “seeing Hunter in the spore cloud if there hit” then I think the duration should be increased to balance things out because I personally have a hard time using both my weapons effectively.

  • He’s OP on his own
  • He’s UP on his own
  • He’s Balanced
  • He’s OP with hank/sunny

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I hate Slim with the firey passion of 1,000 suns.


Your opinion I suppose he’s my fav medic <3 see how different people can be? But could you give suggestions on how to make him better I like to gather opinions.

I’ve been reading some your posts and I think the main issue you have are the spore clouds right?

They’re already fixing him at TRS. One thing they’re probably going to be doing is making it like the support cloak, where they get outlined for just a sec when you damage them.

I think hes fairly balanced, but I dont mind the upcoming spore cloud nerf.

I have terrible aim, so I can’t play as Slim. I can never heal enough. I do better with Val or Laz, so I just avoid medic until Val gets a decent buff.

Bring back the old spore duration and make the cloud twice as big.

All it should do is remove the health bars (but keep the red outlines) and remove footprints.

Boom. It’s just annoying enough (can’t see how low people are to continue to focus or stick around for that last hit), but not fun-ruining (can’t see a thing, especially low-res or colorblind players).

Slim isnt op hes just frustrating.



Pretty meh without a shield or booster so…I’ll say UP.

Turrets work ok if the bucket is good.

I have yet to actually encounter said combo. So I can’t say anything. I doubt I will either.

Slim makes the turrets really hard to detect since he blocks smell.

Like I said, haven’t played the combo before.

I like the idea of showing the red glow briefly if hit in the cloud. It seems like a free area cloak for the hunters as is, but I also have not played monster enough to get used to seeing the actual people flying about.

I just attack health bars when I play, and when the health bars leave I spaz out :frowning:

I cannot stand slim, I hate him more than any other character…even Laz.
But I’m colorblind, so his spore gun completely removes my ability to see any of the characters.

For the most part, despite my handicap, I never feel like I lose a game SOLELY because of Slim, although it definitely punishes me more for any mistakes…

The most awful feeling in the world when I have 3 people almost downed, and he gets a spore on me right in an area with a lot of brush…I literally have to turn around and run away, despite having a win at my fingertips…

*Use of the word handicap here I only mean as a disadvantage, I don’t consider being colorblind and ACTUAL handicap, even though I supposedly only see somewhere between 2.5% and 10% of the hues other people do.

How did I know this was another Slim thread before I entered?

He got Insane healing, Insane damage and a giant team cloak. I pray to the machine god that changes is right around the corner.

slim 1v1ing monster


I think you should change the gif I feel it’s too brutal and some people won’t handle that kind of violence.

Just my opinion