Time spent not playing the game


So I think what’s making this game a bit inaccessible is the time spent in menues and loading screens.

I saw the shocking figure comparing in-game stats with my xbox one gamehub recorded play time: I spent about 30% in menues and watching loading screens.

So there’s this:

  1. matchmaking ~ 2minutes

  2. the game is loading the map ~ 2minutes

  3. everyone is picking a class ~ 2 minutes
    waiting for everyone to get ready

  4. the game is loading again for whatever reason ~ 1 minute

  5. the match takes place

  6. post game stats

  7. graphic showing game events
    waiting for everyone to get ready

  8. the game is loading the map ~ 2 minutes . . . etc

you see it is a lot of waiting and a strain on any gamer’s patience. I guess it’s also part of the reason why players quit after a match or so, because if the match wasn’t satisfying or came out short what’s next is about 5 (!) minutes of setting up a new game and waiting for it to load (2-4)

I think the graphic in 7) is something i wouldn’t miss if it were cut out. It isn’t very telling anyways and would save some time (could be made accessible from the menu for those interested in it)

What I also don’t get is why 3) doesn’t come after marchmaking. The players are already drawn together after matchmaking, they could pick a class BEFORE the map needs to be loaded right?
And then there should be only one load time after players have picked a class (combining 2 and 4 into one load time)

I know perfectly well that this probably isn’t technically possible, but still.

Is it just me or does anyone really appreciate the way it is done now? With all the waiting and multiple separate load times and this graphic which is not really needed?

I’d rather spend more time playing the actual game and getting into games faster. That would make the game much more accessible and there would be less quitters.


I agree that the waiting time definitely could and should be reduced. However, I’m not sure that moving character selection to the start of the game would help anything, as it would mean that it would take longer time to find a match where you would fit in. (However, that might be a thing when they introduce ranked mode).

Also, keep in mind that “7” is also the time period where you can vote to skip a map.

Going a little off topic here, I’d say this belongs in feedback. I wanted to change it but I see Maddcow already did and you changed it back to general? Please, let our poor souls have some rest knowing that this was moved to feedback. :cry: :pray:


During load times they should have a mini game where you shave your head bald while the Xbox one kinect camera is watching you, then you yell “THE HEALING FIELD IS READY!!”

Best Laz impression unlocks cool skins for his bald head


oh thanks feel free to move it, im writing from an ipad and have a hard time selecting categories


Yeah minigame or whatever. Because as it is I’m snapping youtube and watch music videos when its loading. Its the only game I feel the urge to do so, because it has the longest time spent not playing the actual game.

I would like to play the actual game more, you know, the part where this thing most of as refer to as “gameplay” is supposed to take place? it’s a simple point.



Sadly this is the way it is since the alpha and will most likely not change.


Same here. I got used to watching PIP TV and net surfing while playing Evolve.
Spent twice as much time not playing the actual game, too. It never was like
that in L4D.


I realize that CryEngine3 is a beast and not necesserally made for consoles but rather for those monstrous gaming rig PC’s.

Also the whole map needs to be in the console’s RAM, because well the monster could be at one end of the map while the hunters are on the other.

Destiny for example can load parts of the map incrementally, but then again that’s someting completely different.

I’m happy enough to have a game with CryEngine3 on console so I guess the epic load times are just something I have to deal with.

I remember when I played the first Crysis game on my gaming PC. Even though I could play it on ultra settings I made myself a lot of tea during these load times . . .


1 big load time is no problem. The problem comes when there are 3 different loading times, which seem totaly uneccessary and hinder everything.


Yeah right that’s my point.

And there’s input required between load times. So you gotta be there again to pick a class, or if you aren’t you can’t pick a perk.


So the figures are 68 hours in-game stats and 118 hours played total.

It’s almost 50% spent in menues and loading screens. Make of that what you will. . .