Time isn't on my side


This game makes me bummed that I’m no longer young, single, kid free, and have all the time in the world.

Anyone else?


Tell your wife you’re playing a game with your kid! TADAAAH!

Young is a state of mind!


Negatory. I will train my kids in the ways of the Monster :slight_smile: (My not quite 2 year old already loves watching me play as the Monster during the Big Alpha) You might hear him in a lot of my previously recorded videos on my YT channel :stuck_out_tongue: Doesn’t quite talk yet, but he loves to wave at the mic. (His way of saying hello)


That’s why I skip sleep.


My brother-in-laws are kids and they love watching me play as the monster…


Good thing im still young :wink:


I’m still going to play it like crazy, but I work six days a week. I’m just saying I wish I could play games like I used to, stay up 24 hours and game with friends. That’s another thing, friends don’t all have the time or can be on at the same time.


Make friends on here, problem solved :smiley:


If only I wasn’t in college :anguished:

I can still stay up for 10 hours straight until I have to go back to work or school.


I took a weeks vacation for the release of Evolve to make sure I get some good time in.


Yeah, I’m with you on the “Constantly Working” problem. It’s hard to squeeze in one or two hours of play every evening, especially when you’re exhausted from working already… But there’s also vacations sometimes, which are pretty neat. It just makes you appreciate the games a lot more when you can’t play excessively.


I do a game binge once in a while when a new release comes out that I’m looking forward to. (Notable games include most FF releases, Kingdom Hearts, and sometimes with the Wifey the Mario Party games)


Damn straight. I’m gonna do that during the Beta, actually. Expect to see my annoying monster mug all the time during that weekend ;D


I took off time for the Big Alpha and because there is nothing new (And I needed sick time a few times the past month or two) I’m just going to play when I can. That being said, I do have Thursdays off normally, so I will definitely be hitting that like a fat kid on a cupcake.


I hear you sir. Well into my 4th decade and time keeps on creeping away - faster and faster. (not to depress anyone :wink: )

That said, I worked yesterday, boss thought he gave the day off…so he gave me next Friday off, which I turned into the 16th off instead! Woot!!


I probably can’t even play the beta cuz of school exams :frowning:


How do you feel about the new FF trailer?


Which one? I’ve been waiting for FFXIII Versus/XV forever now :stuck_out_tongue:


Final Fantasy 15. I thought it looked promising.


I like the whole bromance thing going on. It’s a bunch of dudes in a car. DUDE.

First Final Fantasy I’ve wanted to play in -years-.