Time, how I love and loath you


Time time time… How I am obsessed with you.

Tell me people, what time is it now for you? In Bahrain it’s 1:52 pm. I’m at university and I’m supposed to be painting. What time is it for you guys?


8:52 PM. I’m supposed to be sleeping but, you know…Forget that. :smirk:


6:52 AM, Cuz sleeping till a normal time is dumb ^.^


5:53 AM, because I like being around these forums at this time. ^.^


6:52 am. I’m getting ready for my daily dose of death


Time differences always interested me. It’s amazing thinking about how people from different parts of the world and different times can talk to each other.


It’s also annoying. ^.^ In fact @Shin starting sleeping at the same time as
me so that he could stalk my post feed more efficiently. ಠ_ಠ



I love these gifs. ^.^


O_o. 10 roses


… I’m sure I’m reading this quote out of context :flushed:


That’s still my favorite.


Of course, its Science, who doesn’t love science? ^.^


You are. Meow


Oh COME ON. ಠ_ಠ En serio chikos?

My phone. MY. PHONE. I meant to say sleeping AT THE SAME TIME.


Gais. C’mon. You know what I meant.


I’m sorry :confounded:


I cannot be mad at you, not with that panda picture. :stuck_out_tongue:


I said she read it out of context.


I have leverage! :smile: