Time for the big question!


Goliath or Kraken who do you think you will play as more? or win more?

My call is Goliath. dudes just a beast. Krakens damage is ridiculous though. i enjoy the crawl on all fours sneaking of Goliath however.

Goliath Vs Kraken

I think I’ll use kraken more, with his glorious psychik powers


Such a tough choice but leaning toward kraken for the mad deeepppssss.


The Kraken looks like a mix of a Tyranids (Warhammer 40k) and some champions from League of Legend :stuck_out_tongue:


Goliath because he’s “in your face” and is HUGE. Well and his inspirations are Godzilla and Kong, classic monsters! That’s not to say Kraken doesn’t look excellent but Goliath more like my favorite monsters.


Kraken seems to have more possibilities. More ways to do some pretty crazy stuff. In other words, a higher skill cap. Although Im sure skilled goliath players will pummel teams of hunters to the floor.


True, I would like to know about his abilities in depth.

I think Plaff has been saying that Goliath will kind of be the jack-of-all-trades kind of monster, and I think he might be right. He can do range and melee, he’s pretty straightforward. I think Kraken will take more finesse and cunning overall but will probably rewarded for it too.


i am going for Cthulhu ahem i mean Kraken looks like alot of dps over speed and from a video i watched looks like he can fly a bit for easy get away and surprise attacks. dont get me wrong playing the king of the Gargoyles (thumbs up if you get that one) will be amazing and fun but yea the sleeper must awaken and usher in some madness.


I like the concept of both of them. I’m not really clear on all the Krakens, or the Goliaths for that matter, abilities. So reserve the right to change my mind but will take a guess that the Kraken has the potential to be more broken and threatening.


well one thing can be said about the ability of both, they look awesome much like this game cant wait for it.


At the minute Goliath is definitely my preferred monster. Obviously I’ll give Kraken a go as well but I feel like I’ll drift more towards Goliath since he’s the more relatable monster


Yea I think that’s what draws me to Goliath too. Idk when I picture wanting to be the monster, I kind of picture Godzilla and being in your prey’s face and being giant. Goliath just fits that more than Kraken but as you say Plaff, will definitely play both and Kraken still looks fun.


I’m hoping the last monster is more beastly than mystical. I have a really strong feeling it’s going to be stealth focused, so it’d be cool if at some points it’s silent but when it does attack you it’s really vicious


You are not the only one that thinks the 3rd monster is going to be a stealth monster :stuck_out_tongue:

My question is where is the home planet for the Goliath and the home planet for the kraken?

Maybe TRS will make some short of Evolve campaign where they finds out who placed the monsters on planet Shear and you have to kill him before he sends more monster to planet earth etc. :smiley:


I don’t know which one to pick, really! Still have to see the last dude though but I’m leaning towards the Kraken more, not because of it’s skills but because of how it actually looks! Incredibly scarier than that of the Goliath and that’s in a cool way mind you!


While I still like Goliath more, I can’t deny that Kraken looks much creepier.


I wonder if the Kraken will have a pounce attack like the Goliath for grabbing unweary hunters. I’d hope all the monsters do, but if not I’ll probably roll the Goliath more often.


That raises a good point, I didn’t see the Kraken do any leaping at all to get away in the IGN video. Does the Kraken have any other kind of escape method like the Goliath’s leap I wonder or do they have the same leap?


Devs have said that Kraken’s flying replaces Goliath’s leap.


He does have a pounce ability. It was in the IGN video they posted (I’ll get a photo)

EDIT: it’s difficult to see, but the outline of Kraken is visible