Time for some QQ-aim assist edition


WELP. I always watch my losses closer than my wins. and sadly i did not practice before my tourney matches. to add salt to the wound iv 2-0’d them in the past. they got better of course and beat me to the ground. it was pretty embarrassing lol.

Anyways awhile back I got into plenty of arguements with @Araji about aim assist on evolve(and others). i couldnt figure out how slim was out healing any damage done to hank. which is why i looked so flustered and constantly switched targets.

I then went into some hunter games later with aim-assist on with my brother. not only can slim stay alive 3x longer without hanks shield. between every ability landed I could land the two shots needed to burst heal and live. simply by spamming left trigger.

we also found that both slim AND hank AVERAGED 2000 more damage per match with aim assist on. one game as hank i did 16k with the lazer cutter alone. thats insane! thats 4k of damage that is from checking a box to turn aim assist on. not including the healing factor.

This is not a “that team didnt beat me” type thread. I did PLENTY wrong that i can make a list of. I just really hate slim to begin with mostly cuz I play normally with a really good slim player and he too does really well. they outplayed me and tarnished my undefeated record in tournies fair and square. in fact now im hungry for a rematch, they were 10x better than the first time i played them :stuck_out_tongue:


Im confused, did we play against you yesterday in ESL?.
forgive me for being bad with names if thats the case :slight_smile: but i do not remember your name?

aim assist is rediculous in its current state, regardless of what others think, and the mere fact that it even works on PC is outrageous.


nah im on ps4. we argued on here for awhile about it being not too bad. I mean i saw ppl do it and thot eh thats not too bad. but then i tested how much damage really occured by doing so. 3k+ on hank who was sheilding most of the time ridiculous lol


Also, did tier 4 get used in the ESL? i didnt get to watch this time. how did that go


yes. a few teams whipped out the torvald, and a few used sunny, my own team included.


Torvald just isn’t that good :frowning:


actually hes really good, in a good players hands.
problem is majority of the assaults around the competitive scene are more CS FPS style players than quake arena style.

if you play around with arching the mortars, and the distance / hight obstacles you can do it with and around, youll impove if you got the niche for it. otherwise itll be a risky pick.


I don’t get the need for aim assist on a controller I have always disabled it back when I played xbox. I always give my friends shit for it and they eventually turn it off. Tuff love, but in the end they thank me for keeping them from being a scrub


he’s all aim based and unfortunately his mortars take forever to deploy making it super easy to dodge, especially as a kraken


At least on PC there shouldnt be ANY aimassist. Just remove it completly they shall play with a mouse or a controller without aimassist. IT shouldnt be the programm playing it should be YOU!

And btw. if you had 100% aim you can kill a full heal full armor goliath in 12 sec.(in less idd you have a weekspot on the head) so anything giving you better aim that you have by your own skill results into retarded dmg.


you guys face alot of krakens. i refused to use it cuz of bugs. probably cost me the 3 games since they were using slim lol. its a simple counter. but still i shud have won either way. slim + hank + aim assist wooped my ass. i will have to be more crafty.


@kyronr600 Yea man, watching those matches when you played broke my heart. I was thinking to myself, you were making some bad choices, but that fact that Slim rarely use spore cloud caught my attention first? So I did a bit a scouting of the guy who play Slim. Without saying names, watching his stream when he uses the aim-assist with every bullet was deflating to watch. So you never lost to a good player, you lost to someone who can press L2+R2 at the same time to just aim better.

I’m surprised you didn’t bring out the Kraken, your best monster in my opinion. Just do it man, your team going 0-6 was rough start and might be demoralizing for the team.


Yeah… At it’s current state the aim assist spamming is far superior to KB/M. It’s a legal aimbot.


yeah man i played like a dumbass. i was so focused on showing cool stuff that i know works i didnt even think about maps or team comps.

like when maggie was chosen. why would i put points into abduction when she cuts it in half. shuda went supernova to tear thru hanks shield on slim.

or choosing a bad order to the maps. shuda been behemoth on distillery, goliath on fusion. and behemoth on dam. or wraith on dam.

ur right kraken would have wrecked them proly…hank wouldnt of lived and slim couldnt heal. idk I like being against the meta and i knew most ppl would be playing kraken and how “worthless” the wraith is in competitve play. I like proving them wrong but i failed horrbily.

also…streaming. i think thats why my abducts werent landing. cuz it looked like it would land then it would fire late :,( gotta redeem next week lol.

oh well lesson learned dont go into serious matches thinking your going to walk all over them lol.


maybe esl and any other tourneys should vote to turn aim assist off. im not all “unfair to monsters” but it just …doesnt feel right. now i feel like i have to use it if others are.


How does that work? Isnt it under the controller settings meaning only for using controllers?(which is still retarded it should be skill not an aimbot determan if you hit or not)


it is yes, and its not the fullblown console version of the aim-assist when you use a keyboard and mouse.

  • on console, the aim-assist has both gravity pull, and instant-snapping.
  • on PC, the aim-assist has gravity pull on mass.

gravity pull on mass, is when if you aim anywhere near the head, itll make sure oyu do consecutive headshots. and if its an arm, tail or leg, itll make sure to hit the body.

basically this, what it is on PC with a keyboard and mouse, is all console players should get. they shouldent get an auto-aim-for-me spammable button, theres no justification for that. and to even have the option, controller or no controller on a pc, wether you use K+M or controller, is thoughtless.

we did some tests in our team, without our monster took a ton of damage as always, WITH it turned on however. our hank could take 1bar of health every 3 seconds of continues fire. at max range (100m) with kraken dodging back and fourth between tree tops to avoid damage.

the gravity however made all hits land in the krakens face without any skill involved.


Yup, what you said is true. Suck though, a game that requires skill to win and knowledge of position, but with a option like this win without much work except spamming two buttons at once is garbage.


So you say if you have the aim assist setting on (under the controller settings/PC) and dont use a controller just a keybord and a mouse it still assits you aiming? Meaning if its off you hit less?

Thats pretty retarded a 100% hs or weakspot hitting team can easily kill a monster in less then 12 sec. make it something like 8 with a weakspot on the head. Basically if hunters dont win they suck then.


no. you do need a controller plugged in, but thats not a justification for the option even existing.
theres currently a tournament with a 60k + prize for the winners. and every - single. hunter team, uses aim assist. it’s basically Whos-The-better-Aimbot, aka a giant F you to all competitive players in every single FPS game in history…