Time for Evolve to evolve


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I have recently discovered the shockingly low amount of people playing evolve on the PC (just under 4000). This is NOT good and needs to be dealt with. I have checked out some reviews and the main complaint is the repetitiveness of the match’s. The main cause of this seems to be from the maps being generally too similar. Now I love this game, but I stood back and thought about it objectively and I do see their point.

The maps may not necessarily look the same but they can feel the same. We are basically running around varied terrain with wildlife hazards peppered through out it. The couple times the gameplay FELT DIFFERENT was when we had the perks in campaign to mix things up. A good example was play nest with the portal gates. It became a HILARRIOUS game of tag but was also a tense and very close match ( @Sledgepainter knows what I mean)

So what if we had new maps that were REALLY different that had some sort of unique dynamic aspect a little like the campaign perks, or elements in the map that can be interacted/triggered or happen at certain intervals. Examples could be rockslides at certain locations, acid geyers, triggered blast doors (destructible), or steam vents (launches you)

I encourage you all to post your own ideas, hopefully some of these ideas the devs can use to bring EVEN more variety to the game. Discuss!


The amount of people playing evolve on PC is probably more likely around the 15-20k mark. The “peak” number is around 4000 at the moment, which is players on at any one moment in time :smile: Just FYI.


Good to know, but we should still try to bring in more. Besides think how fun it would be to have more unique maps. Also do you have any ideas you think would be cool for a map?


the mining map planed for next month is quite unique


4000 is an improvement actually. It will only continue to grow with support from the community


True it’s definitely a start. But imagine having some dynamic elements like unstable tunnels where rocks occasionally fall.


The new map does have those. Granted, I don’t think they do damage, but still.


Right but imagine what maps could be made that would make you play a little differently.


What I saw is the wild life is always in the same place, is not like the mega shark is outside of water, but the packs are always in the same spot.
the animals should be placed in random, also random the aggressiveness and the number of the pack from 1 to 5 or 6

there is day/night shift, also weather, why not fauna?

Also after rain, could appear water deposits or even river floods


That’s called Evac mode. Everything you just described is possible in Evac.

Also, what’s a Mega Shark? Lol.


I sort of pointed out UT/UT4’s Assault Mode for a gamemode.


o my goodness I will never call it a tyrant again. “O shoot, turn around the mega shark got me”


sorry I always forgot the name, it looks like a shark/crocodile loving son.


Oh, the Tyrant? Lol, when you first posted I thought you meant Megamouths, cx.

“How the fuck does a rock frog look like a SHARK!?”