Time for Another Random Post


I mark this as off-topic even though I don’t really know what it is myself but here we go. I have just recently bought the Season Pass for Evolve (I play on console so I am a peasant lol) and I would like to give my feedback on the DLC characters.

First Off lets start with Slim the Medic. He is probably the best character I have played with on Evolve so far. His abilities are not OP or UP they are perfect to be honest. His playstyle is amazing as well because not only do i help the team but if I have a good support on the team i can act like an assault as well. In fact Slim is the main reason I recently started playing Medic. :smile:

Up next we have Sunny the Support. hate to say this but I am a terrible Sunny. Sure she has Jetpack booster and shield drone but I just can’t use those well. I have encountered amazing Sunnys in the past but I just can’t seem to pull of what they do so I will stick with Hank.
(What this thread keeps going :scream:)

Now for the Trapper Crow. He is not the best Trapper because he doesn’t do as much damage as my main Trapper (Abe :smile:) but he still is very useful in many situations. His stasis gun is great and I love the skillshots it requires at long ranges. His Rifle is great as well once the monsters armor is down other than that it doesn’t do as much as I expected.

AND FINALLY WE HAVE TORVALD. I have one thing to say about Torvald…DEM MORTARS :scream:. Now I mostly play Parnell as my main assault and hype on the side,but I have never taken out a monster faster as any of them but Torvald. My first game with Torvald had Cabot as support so no wonder the game ended quickly. The monster was Goliath and we domed him stage 1 and that was the end of the game right there. To be honest I don’t want to use Torvald much because it makes going against a monster too easy and i don’t want games to last that quick.

Welp i’m done and if you made it to the end here i am surprised and want to Congratulate you for reading my pointless thread. :smile:


Well, it’s not a pointless thread, it’s your opinion, which is valuable.


This thread is far from useless!
I moved it to the Hunters category.


Ok well thanks i guess.