Time For a Break


As of late my game has been locking up more, seems to increase with each event?

Went over my system, even got a new graphics card - GTX 960. Game is smooth as butter when it doesn’t lock up. Tests are stable, temps never get above 80 degrees and fps runs around 50 on medium settings.

Lowering settings to minimum with no AA changes nothing and I reduced the power target to 80% which kept temps from reaching 70 degrees, but maintaining smooth play - still no change on the random lock ups. I can alt tab and certain bits of windows is still running so its not a complete system lock.

I’ve done checks on my ssd, memory and motherboard with all tests coming back normal. Power supply seems to be in good working order as well. No other games do this, just Evolve meaning its a game issue.

So I’m going on a hiatus from the game for a month or so before I get frustrated to the point that I dislike the game lol Hoping that the stability of the game gets a tweak. Although I know the major concern is balance tweaks and the new balance patch notes look promising. Best of luck to everyone and see you in a month :smile:


Well, see you in a month then. ^.^


Totally forgot to update this - I got to thinking about the issue and with some direction from @ArtoriusaurusRex in his thread: Crash to Desktop at every game start

I was able to solve my own problem and I’m up and running. Turned out to be my own system and not Evolve (Sorry TRS for blaming lol)

I posted my solution here: Random Game Lock Up (Fix) Windows (Sry Console)

Back to happily getting killed as I learn to use the monsters!