TIL: MacMan went full Laz mode on HL2DM

I played the living hell out of this game a couple of years ago (~5) on a roleplay server.

And then I watch this video on the game itself, then I realize 17 seconds in… wha???

@MacMan were you bored in your free time or something? :stuck_out_tongue:


Kay, just finished, like, designing the Goliath. I have ten minutes for my lunch break…I could feed my rabbits or build a car but I think I’ll go make a map or something. :slight_smile:

And so the idea of Lazarus was born.

@MacMan Accurate? :wink:


I read this before the video and I thought he was gonna say that in it.

Whoa, nice!!! That’s some nostalgia right there! Good eye. :wink: You got some mad jumping skillz on those ibeams!

I made that HL2 DM map while I was at Valve but they hung onto it. No idea why they decided to release it later. Probably just cause they had it and they needed to update anyway.

Marathon is how/why I got into the industry. I was in college running a graphics lab. We’d play Marathon networked on the lab machines after school. I started making new maps for fun, making new weapons, characters, etc. and would upload them to the net and other people would download them. The internet was a new thing and sharing files was amazing. At some point my graphics teacher said, “You know, people make a living doing this.” and I was set on my path. :smile: