Tiger Goliath skin?



So in my last match i was up against a Goliath but the skin the person used was a tiger like skin, orange with black stripes.

I’ve been looking all over the net but haven’t found anything on this skin.

Anyone else played against such a skin?


Srsly? Pics? Pls, I suddenly need to see this.


Agreed, I wish to see pictures as well.


Yes I have it; it’s the Sherkan Skin… You have to kill a full team without taking damage to unlock it…


Tony the Goliath next thing is the goliath being like Hunters Their ggggrrreat for breakfast


I don’t believe you but i really really want to ;-;


Come on… it’s the savage skin with a bad gamma setting on the OP screen…


Dood the match before i was Goliath with the savage skin on and it was normal.

I have no screenshot or anything i don’t really record stuff.

i think the guys name was rdkill71 or something alonge those lines


Probably just a graphical glitch or something along those lines.


Dunno, I think there have been some leaks of other stuff. I’d believe it.


BTW when do we get the cosmic and jade skins? Anybody knows?


An actual tiger skin would be awesome!


screen shot or it didn’t happen…


Kintaro goliath confirmed.


Someone asked on one of my skin spotlight videos if I would do a spotlight for the tiger goliath.

I was just as confused as everyone else in this thread, but it seems word is going around about it, whether legit or not.


Month after the PCMR players got them I believe? I have both, so I can’t say for sure.


actually the cosmos skins are already in the psn store…


Yeah, I play the PC; not PS stuff.


that sucks :confused: PC has it rough


Not really, I got them for free since I got the PCMR.