Tiger Goliath has a... red butt?

Me too and I love it!

I don’t see the skin on the ps4 in game store please help me understand.

Seems fine to me, when you posted I was expected a bright red baboon ass. :\

Maybe I’m just odd, but that kind of stuff stands out instantly. It was the first thing I noticed when the camera circled around my character just after loading in. It isn’t “clown makeup” obvious, but it (to me) seems out of place and thus distracting.

Again, it isn’t quite as clear in the video as it is in-game so that is part of it. I’ll probably do another skin spotlight in a brighter area so you’ll be able to see it better that way.

According to others PS4 was the first console to get it, so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to see it. Are you checking the online store or the in-game store? Are you checking the “Monster” tab of the in-game store?

Hope you can find it.

Just purchased the skin and took it for a spin.
A. I too noticed the dark patch, it just looks like a darker orange much like near his shoulders, his back is sorta a line of dark orange with that blot on his booty marking the end
B. Damn I feel sexy ^.^

I still don’t see it in both stores (ps4) I like collecting all the skins but I cant find this one.

Sorry man, I know that can be frustrating :frowning:

I never had it in the in game store, but I purchased it in the PlayStation store (games->dlc->evolve)