Tiger Goliath has a... red butt?

This is the one thing preventing me from really enjoying this skin. As you can see in the video linked below, there is a dark red patch right on our main man’s tooshie. It is easier to see in game, and in better lighting, but you can get a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about from several of the shots.

Is this… intentional? Did they miss a spot with the airbrush? Did Goliath get impatient during his beauty makeover?

nerf redbutt rito pliz

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lol, yeah… definitely out of place on a tiger skin.

Maybe hes going somewhere to take a shit,until those hunters shows up

Right, and I can’t take the skin as seriously when all I can think of while using it is stuff like that :frowning:

Maybe it is just my eyes but he looks completely normal to be. Sure it’s a little bit darker right above, and a little bit on, the tail but it still looks normal to me.

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Really? Right where the tail connects with his rear, look close. It is a dark red patch that just doesn’t fit with anything else on the skin.

I can tell what you’re talking about but I think that is how the Goliath is or maybe it isn’t. I guess I could check the Elite and magma skins for the Goliath but if I had to guess the skins are likely darker than the rest of the skin in that same spot as well.

Check my channel. I’ve done skin spotlight for every Monster skin in the game and I can say with confidence there hasn’t been anything this distracting or out of place. In fact, I just checked Voodoo, and it doesn’t have that kind of splotch, it is dark gray like the rest of his “shell” layer.

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You’re totally right man. I checked all the other Goliath skin videos and it is exactly like you say. The tiger skin is the only one that has that weird dark/red area.

Weird, right? Not sure why they would make it that way unless it was a mistake. It just doesn’t fit the color scheme at all and the placement is just… odd.

I didn’t just watch the video, I bought the skin and played a match with it - which I’m happy to finally be able to do because I’ve known about this skin for days. There’s a patch at the very base of the tail that’s slightly maroon, like they put the orange over top of the red or something. It’s not that bad or distracting (unless you’re just staring at the hindquarters of Goliath), just a little weird. I probably wouldn’t have even noticed if someone didn’t point it out. It just looks like it’s a little bit darker there.


I have no idea what any of you are talking about.

Well that’s what the attached video is for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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And I can’t see anything even remotely weird in the attached video. Nay, I can’t even see what you’re describing.

You can also see it on the picture for the skin in the in-game store.

I feel a bit weird looking at it’s butt… O.o

It may be to make him more tigerlike, its a common attribute for tigers to usually have 1 or 2 darker “patches”, and as you can see here, sometimes it ends up on their booty

But on the bright side, that skin looks uber smexy, I wants :3

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The fuck!!!
Where are these skins coming from!!!
It’s frying my brain!!! Ahhhhh!!!

Btw I don’t see it the patch

This is the only Goliath skin I don’t really like. Reminds me too much of Tony the Tiger. I can’t take him seriously.

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