Tiers vs. their monsters


In 6 different matches, with each tier (including the adaptation tier) vs their monster, who has the advantage? I ask this cause it seems as though every tier is made to perfectly counter their monster, especially tier 4, with the exception of tier 3, where wraith has a bit of an advantage. I’d say tier 5 might be a bit in between, since 2 members have weapons that can track the fast moving monster, but lennox isnt too good against it. Maybe someone who actually knows how to make a poll could make one for each tier?

Hunters vs their tier's monster

Vat? :confused:


By another poll do you mean another option?


Alright, give me a second.

No actually I’m confused so you can do it.

To make a poll, do this.


  • Option 1
  • Option 2

@CollapsedArc replace the () with []


I’d say tier 4 vs behemoth. Crow can shoot throw armour, Slim can do damage whilst healing, Sunny can boost teammates out of harms way and Torvald has a nice big target for his mortars.


Each tier battle comprises of hunters and monsters only from that tier. Adaptations may be included.

Tier 1 battle

  • Hunters win
  • Goliath win

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Tier 1 adaptations battle

  • Hunter adaptations
  • Meteor Goliath

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Tier 2 battle

  • Hunters win
  • Kraken/Elder Kraken win

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Tier 3 battle

  • Hunters win
  • Wraith win

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Tier 4 battle

  • Hunters win
  • Behemoth win

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Tier 5 battle

  • Hunters win
  • Gorgon win

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@CollapsedArc Made one (five actually) for you.
@ToiletWraith Would you be able to clean this up if @CollapsedArc would like that, so that the poll is closer to the top for people to see? =o


Ech, I can’t. @Buckets_Sentry_Gun or @TheMountainThatRoars could, however.

If need be, I could make a new thread for this?


Thanx, this is what I meant, though I wanted a seperate one for meteor goliath vs the adaptation tier, if its not too late to change that please??


I managed to make a T1 adaptations one and remove MG, but it wouldn’t let me remove “Elder Kraken” from the second one.

@ToiletWraith It’s up to @CollapsedArc. His topic.


Sure that would be fine, someone could put the polls at the top then


@ToiletWraith I have the poll copied. I can add it to the second post or paste it here without a bracket for you. Unless you have some leadership magic to cast to move it all in another way.


Hang on, fixing something up.


Mind if I lock this thread and we use the above one?


Closing this, we’ll use the new one, all shiny and chrome! Or something…