Tier4 hunters wishlist


Wishlist for tier 4 hunters abilities/weapons/gadgets

I think some kind of futuristic bear trap for the trapper would be cool


Yeah like an energy snare would be cool.


An assualt that uses his fists somehow. Like maybe has a move like the monsters pounce where he can jump on its head and pound it.
I’m not sure fully how that would work. Maybe the counter could be the monster could leap away with the assault on his shoulders to isolate him for when the move finishes meaning it wouldn’t be a good idea to hit the monster with it outside of a dome.


FISTS OF FURY!!! XD 10 char


Rocket Falcon Punch.

This is now a thing.


Another sidekick combo like Maggie and Daisy would be good. Maybe some healer with a little med bot.


Yeah the season pass picture looks like the trapper will have a bird or something like that


I’d like to see a trapper with some form of bolas, restricting the monsters attack instead of movement for a short period with a reasonable cooldown, will give medic the opportunity to revive fallen hunters


a gun that turns all wildlife on the monster would be cool


My wish? For the support and assault to completely kick ass. Those are hands down my favorite roles.

Would love it if the assault (or maybe even the support!) had some way to really aggro the monster, since right now, the monster usually just ignores assault and support for the medic and trapper.


I would like to see a disruption support
Maybe he can release a gas, that blocks smell in a certain area for x amount of time
lets the wildelife flee a certain area so you could denie the monster food in a certain area for a short time (maybe with a giant speaker so the monster could also be alerted)
or an altered version
he can infect wildelife so it will give -1 food bar for the monster when he eats it (so a 3 meal snack is only worth 2 when infected)


That would be good
What if u infected the monster so much he couldnt evolve or it made him devolve


That’d probably be too much :wink:


Its off topic but theres a video on youtube of the behomeoth in the early devolpment stage and he can create a massive wall in front of him to cut of the hunters
Looks really good
Heres a link http://youtu.be/vBiXTeU4cP8


Wish list for 4th tier Medic

‘Bug’ - An insectoid medic (from Mutagen Wars) with a ridiculous voice and hilarious dialogue. Gender is ambiguous. Uses adrenaline dart gun which can give hunters temporary full health for a short time before returning to what they started with. Can be used offensively on the monster by making his health appear higher than it actually is to the user for a short period of time. Used UltraSonic Blaster which causes the monster to slow and does moderate damage over time.

5th tier and beyond…

‘Mop’ - A robot medic (thinner and newer than Bucket) who has a deployable medic station which does amazing healing in a good radius but is stationary and can be destroyed by the monster after a few special attacks) long recharge time too. Also Mop and Bucket? Yeah I just did that.


Yeah i like the idea of a healing bay thats stationary
That u can keep going back to until its been destroyed


I definitely think it’s a good option for a future medic. It takes away the whole healing on the go factor but replaces it with excellent strategy based healing when the dome is up. I think if you give him a decent damage dealing weapon and a good buff tool he’d be a great Hunter- place down the station and then can focus on the monster.


I’d like to see a melee hunter somehow incorporated into the game.


I agree i think a melee hunter could work
With massive metal hands


Against a good Hank player the monster should focus him, thats why i like Hank so much. But monster players don’t seem to get it, they just keep focussing somebody with no result thanks to the shield. But when i do play against a decent monster i know i have to run for my life.