Tier V monster


So another monster thread.
All of the monsters on evolve have names and traits of things we’ve heard or seen before. Kraken giant squid, behemoth something big so the next monster i think is gonna be like a yeti, cyclops, hydra, troll (might even give him a big tree, imagine that THE MONSTER is using a weapon for the first time.) What you guys think?


A monster with a weapon would be a troll indeed lol


Lmao it will be the monster with the longest range
wraith is fastest
behemoth is biggest
troll got the most range lol


Lol some true op shit.
1 skill
Tree swing: no skill points required
Hit all hunters or map for 100% of their health lmao with a 1day cooldown.


I’m going with a giant spider. They had the host monster during development. It could pop smaller units out of itself to fight the hunters.

I could see them implementing that idea into a spider monster. The monster pops out babies from its back. Add that with a couple of poison attacks and you have a fun monster.



lol I think rock throw is about the only weapon we’re going to see the monsters get hopefully


Whats a mythological spider? its at the tip of my tongue. I hope its a little more original than that


@EpicMurph Yeesh, that would give me the creeps. :scream: It would probably be pretty awesome though…maybe one of its attacks could paralyze / slow the hunters. Give them a taste of the ol’ Abe-Val nightmare medicine.


Arachne? the lady who challenged athena and got turned into a spider


Just imagine searching a bush and getting pounced by it.


Lmao now thats some scary shit make wraith seem like behemoth if it was small enough to hide in a bush and scurry along and pounce on a hunter lol the other hunter can still move but the team still has to shoot it off the hunter. Tell the affected hunter to stand still you wont miss :wink: according to maggie anyway lol “turns out I’m a pretty good shot”


I’m betting on something crunchy, like an insect/arachnid or crustacean.

Personally I want a furry wolf-like monster or a slime monster.


I think it might be some type of venomous wolf-type creature. A Manticore of some kind.