Tier two variations (Macman Answered!)


Oh holy @MacMan

Is there any more exciting news you could leave us with before the end of the year in reguards to the next hunter variations?

Happy holidays hopefully you get some much deserved rest brother!

Edit: if you look on the PC leader boards as of today you’ll notice some games have been played with the variations! Be on the lookout as this suggests they have taken them out into the wilds of matchmaking. Happy Hunting!


Yes finishing up the year with all T1 adaptations would be awesome


Any new information on adaptations will be all over the forum when it is released. I’m sure we’ll hear something soon enough, so just try to be patient. :wink:


You know you’d be pumped if he answered with something juicy!

Tisk Tisk


Of course I would be. Wouldn’t anyone? :smile:

Just saying that info will be given out when it’s ready so try not to be disappointed if we don’t get any just yet. :wink:

It’s worth a try I suppose.


Who said I’d be disappointed?
How am I not being patient?

I have no expectations


How about tier 3 adaptions? I think I’d prefer those.

Also, @BeforetheFall cute profile picture =D


Thanks!! It was my cat. Kind of a sad story. He was killed by a bob cat we think a few months back. Found him really beat up and mangled…bad day :-/

Kind of a sad story but a super cute Profile pic.

Damn…now I’m thinking about it and am bumming



It’s just that we’ve seen this before (not with you so don’t worry :smile:). Was just making sure people understand that we may not hear anything for a while.

I do hope we hear something soon though. The sooner the better.


The rest of the Tier 1 Adaptations (Maggie and Hank) are now in QA testing, though the release dates are still being discussed. They are both awesome. I also don’t know what the reveal/announce dates are. We’ll let the Marketing team handle that stuff.

We have started on Tier 2 adaptations, repeating the cycle of Monster then Hunters. The Kraken adaptation release date will likely be sometime after the tier 5 Support character. He is more extensive than Meteor Goliath was. I think both Monster and Hunter players will be pleased with it.

Are there going to be any new maps?
Hank and Maggie Variations Revealed (Maggie released now!)

Ask and you shall receive ^^^


Take my money… :grimacing:


There you go!


I remember on one of the Livestreams you were talking about all the possibilities of Kraken during development, like when Aftershock did Chain-Damage.

I’m excited for what you guys have in store…


Wasn’t it LS that chained? Either way it’s nice to here it’s officially happening.


I want multi LS, like a small area where a mini LS storm does work…


So can someone elaborate what in QA testing means for us not so techy people? :smile:

Like about how many days/months till release does “in QA testing” usually translate to?


they are balance testing them. The models are done, abilities set, now they just need to make sure they are viable/balanced characters for release. As well as bug freeish


QA Testing translates to Quality Assurance Testing, where we try to find and fix as many bugs as possible before it is released. It’s what I do. :wink:


QA stands for quality assurance. The guys who do QA make sure everything is find and dandy to ensure a quality product.
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