Tier Four Hunters Revealed

From what I gather, she was supposed to be one of the original hunters.

I said

But no one agreed with me. :stuck_out_tongue:


No prob :smile:

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I totally can see that!


What he reminded me of. :smiley:


Speaking of which? When will we see the 5th tier of hunters!? We want them now! What do you mean soon? How soon is soon? Tier 5 is OP!! Nerf please…
^ (Sarcastically speaking as the embodiment of the forum community over the period of the next few months.)

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I played in a match today, Stage 3 Behemoth with low health, he got away and armored up. Hunters were all weak on strikes. When the fight came, we just protected Crow. Behemoth killed Slim, we didn’t care because we knew Crow was the key. Four charged long rifle shots later and Behemoth fell with at least 1400 armor points remaining. The whole team went crazy. The Crow player was sweating bullets. :smile:

You can’t have that experience with any other Hunter in the game. I love that about Evolve.

Behemoth should have focused Crow. Pulled him and put up the wall. Taken him out first thing, then his armor would have won him the game but even if you know what to do, sometimes you make mistakes in the heat of battle.


4th tier Hunters news on my birthday you guys are the best.


and they’re being released the day after my birthday :birthday:


It’s like a shotgun. Each pellet that hits the target returns a specified amount of cooldown time on Slim’s heal burst. If you’re too far away, you can’t land enough pellets to heal your teammates effectively. Gotta get in close. That’s where your Spore Cloud Grenades come in.


Why is everyone saying that she was dead though

Yeah, we’ve been hard at work like Santa’s little elves. Glad you had the faith. :wink:


Will the Damage Increase perk affect the amount of cooldown time returned?

I think it’s been said elsewhere that damage only affects damage…logically I’d expect pellets bring back a percentage amount of the heal bursts CD, so the perk to take for them to act quicker would be recharge speed? Pure speculation, but it makes more sense to me.

No. It’s not based directly on damage. We tried that first but it got too crazy to balance. Take increased capacity or fast reload. The key is to get as many pellets on target as quickly as possible.

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Everyone saying Sunny is dead because they read The Sword, one of the canon Evolve stories written by @Matthew. I don’t wanna spoil it for anyone but here’s a link to the first part.

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Just a quick question, roughly how much health damage does Crow (AKA batman) deal with one of his oh so mighty long rifle charged shots?

Is it pump action? Lever action? Or is the only resemblance the fact that it shoots a multitude of pellets? Sorry, I’m a shotgun fan :grin:

Not a lot. It’s pretty weak as far as damage goes but it makes up for it in specific situations. I’d give you a specific number but I’m on a plane. :wink: Crow doesn’t deal the damage that the other Trappers do. He’s just more specific about where that damage is going which makes him valuable and fun to play.


Thanks need1