Tier Five Wonder


I’m curious to see if the ideas for what or who the Tier 5 Medic and Support will look like, have changed over these couple months. I still think the Support class is a scrap-iron armored female with a dark personality and my only thoughts for the Medic, NOT HUMAN. Please comment ideas. The crazier, the better!!:grin::grin:


Support is totally Kala, confirmed.


You are correct!


15 bonus points for you sir!!


Kala? Who?


No, not Kala Who. Kala Support.


…ha…ha…ha… -_-
But seriously, where was this confirmed? I havent heard anything


Oh, you haven’t heard anything? You should probably ask Kala, she’s got the hook up on the deets, m8y.


I have some insight she uses a telekinetic glove


WHO IS KALA?!?!?!?! please


Kala is this cool girl with a telekinetic glove. You should really check her out dude, she’s my favorite Support so far.


Has this been confirmed? Or are you trolling?


Alright, serious time.

Kala is the not-so-official but more-than-likely identity of our support. She works or worked at CMET, and there is talk of her using a telekinetic glove. I can link the thread for you if you’d like.


Ohhhhhhh thanks! And yes, please :smile:



I appreciate the way you operate


Alright. 10 Wraithemoths

did you see what I did there


No, but my motor neurons are officially fried trying to comprehend the pun so please explain


Wraithemoth… Krakkenliath? No? Okay…


Great claws of mythology. That was much less complicated than my brain calculated. Also, a bit corny, none the less​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: