Tier elite skin for monster

like finish off eliting teir 1 via maggie,markov,val,hank and goliath. why not get a monster skin thats like the hunters elite skins dark blue and gold like the monsters turn blue and the spikes turn gold
then for teir 2 griffin,hyde,lazarus,bucket and kraken the get a dark blue skin for kraken with gold spikes.
and so on with tier 3
and maybe teir 4


There are already monster elite skins in the game, that you get the exact same way you get the hunter elite ones.
In fact, your name and avatar is the Goliath’s elite skin.

yeah but blue and gold but harder to get

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This is a pretty interesting idea. It would finally give me a motive to elite the hunters, as I main monster.


besides monsters need more skins

They have plenty of skins. They just need to have more given out as rewards for doing things instead of having to buy all the skins.

but i never really see people with bought skins so more free skin rewards
or maybe use the acolades(probaly spelled wrong) in some way

Yeah, like they maybe should have given people more skins if they do certain things, but I guess that’s probably what the challenges are for.