Tier 6 Trapper Idea! (Jake)


I have an Idea for a Trapper! His name would be…Jake. An lost and abandomed orphan, he decided to head to Shear, hopefully there to find shelter and food. For years, living off of the wastes and wildlife. There he met Cabot and decided to join his team. Sunny and Jack showed him and taut him how to modifie gear. Evenitionlly, he wanted to join the hunt after sometime after being taut how work gizmos and whatnot. His Trapper loadout consists of: A Machine Gun. Fires bullets that have high acurracy. similar to Maggie’s Machine Pistol, but has better acrurracy, for the trade off of damage. Has low damage and a clip size of 20. To track the monster, He has a Tracking Dart Launcher. Shoots out a straight needle that tags whatever it touches and splits up into smaller tracking darts. The smaller tracking darts spit up into a circular radius. That keep going through objects until they reached a 15 second duration time. It all tags nearby wildlife if the dart touches it. Small or direct tracking needle. And obivoulsy, Tags the monster. Same with Abe but a different mechanic, if the monster eats the wildlife that have been taged, it will automatically track it. To keep the monster in control, Jake has a Harpoon Drone. A hovering Drone that follows the hunters and in combat will get behind the monster and Harpoon the it until the cable has been broke. It has a 4 second deploy time. you have to place it like the Survey Satellite or Respawn Beacon. You know, hold the fire button until the red gauge fills up. Welp, tell me what you think of this idea. Be Sure To Like, Comment, And Share! That’s All And Happy Hunting :grinning:



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