Tier 6 Set


Trapper: A robotic droid that hunts for a living and lives in the shadows
Background: A robot with a cloak black/greyish color to it and it is torn, he lives no where and runs off of a rank rajat power core that recharges when he sleeps/shuts down. He was found fighting Gorgon in the middle of the forest pinned on the ground when Cabot’s crew came in and took him in.

Primary: Sniper Blaster
Fires a burst of 3 bullets that pierce into the monsters hide making weak points

Secondary: Shock Cannon
Fires a barrage of electrified pellets that will shock the monster and do DoT each pellet slow the monster by 5% and stacks with each shot that has a duration of 10 seconds

Gadget: Thermal Tracking
Highlights monster footprints and tells you if there are old or new the red are old, green are somewhat old and blue are recent tracks. Best used in the start of matches in Hunt to find the monster quicker and if a monster goes the same path oh did I mention they also show footprints of a monster sneaking?
A duration of 30 seconds and a range of 10 meters with also a recharge of 15 seconds

Support: —

Medic —

Assault —

Monster —

Coming very soon but till then tell me your opinions! :smiley:


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