Tier 6 and GRIZZLE!


Continuing the discussion from Tier 6 , 7:
I think there will be more. Grizzle, ima big fan. Please check the audio files for kala and the mystery man. If mystery man matches no other audio in the game, tier 6 is confirmed.


I think this is better suited in a PM because nobody else can participate in the discussion currently. @GrizzleMarine Grizzle my shizzle you better check this out.

@ToiletWraith @TheMountainThatRoars


Hi dont wanna burst the bubble of hope, but the “mystery man” is just a NPC ( confirmed by developer) not T6 character


And he’s called Tom.


Yup repeatedly confirmed as NPC…



I think this is better kept to a PM as OP is directing the comments toward Grizzle