Tier 6 - A tier made up of clay men who take the form of hideous creature


Well this certainly was an interesting screen capture session. Did eventually they get out of their T poses, get their textures back, and the game run smoothly?


This has happened to me before as well, except the hunter’s never went into their T-Poses.

i’ve had that happen before on PC. its hilarious.

…Clay men?


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Nice T-Posing.

You know that no man’s land bug I posted that happened on Barracks? Sometimes the game turns into that.

Wow, that sucks. I have had Wraith go into the T pose when first dropping into the characters selected screen and then monster selected appears. This happened at least 50% if not more pre-Hunt 2.0. I haven’t had it happen since though. It only lasted for a brief second and it kinda looked like she was dropping like a flower or something into the match.

unbaked hunters ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

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Gotta love me some T stance hunters.


that last comment! >w<

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@SledgePainter its something like this…
that music is on point no?

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Dude, I can 100% replicate this whenever I want. I just have to start up evolve without my computer being plugged in. :laughing:

That is really REALLY bizarre. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s almost like an early tester version of the game or something with everything in static poses. Creepy. Moving this to Bugs.

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This is the weird stuff abe sees when Laz revives him one to many times. The medics even trying to wake you up at the end too. Poor Abe lol

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I think he found Val’s Tranq stash then.

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Turn down your settings, reduce the game’s resolution, and shutdown background programs. Your computer is struggling to load the textures. If these suggestions do not fix this problem, it could even be that you have a very slow HDD and that is what is causing the slow texture loads.

The T-posing is weird, though, isn’t it?

Edit: nevermind, seems it’s been seen in extreme cases.

Set everything on low and resolution to 730(something)p…

I don’t know where to check to see how fast or reliable the speed of a hard drive is,

The screenshots are from the second time it happen, the video is from previously.

Ummm your system info seems kinda, wrong… Those numbers make no sense.