Tier 6 , 7

I hope TRS doesn’t stop creating new content for Evolve. If they do, I hope it’s because they are working on Evolve 2 :Return of the Mammoth Bird lol. Anyways, I have purchased both hunting passes, without hesitation. Because I enjoy the game, the players, and the content. TRS had provided GREAT content to date, and have yet to let me down.


I would love to see tiers all the way up to 100 lol. So let’s hope they keep going.

Me to, but I’d settle for 20, that allot of characters to choose from, just picture having 100 tiers, that’s 400 hunters and 100 monsters, there’d have to be some overlapping abilities


You love mammoth birds, don’t you?


More like I’m afraid cuz they’re holding me at gunpoint. :sweat:

False accusations. They’re too loving to do such things.

That’s why they fry me alive? :confounded:

Out of love. If they don’t do it, the nasty hunters will team up on you, and kill you. Or you’ll be eaten alive by the gross monster. They’re showing you mercy.

On the website It did say that they will continue to bring content out as long as we are all hungry for it!


So when I’m hiding in a bush and the hunters are walking by, then all of the sudden a Mammoth Bird comes over and alerts them to my position, it’s protecting me from them? .-.

They predict the future. The birds know the hunters were going to find you, so it zaps you to tell you to leap our, and run for your life. ^.^

Explain this:

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They work to better the future, that’s all.

#Shinluminati confirmed.


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