Tier 6 , 7

Do u think we will get more Hunting Seasons in the future or will Tier 5 be the last one
I really hope we will get more Evolve is my fav game & i love the Charakter designs
It would be great trs make evolve to a game like GTA 5 of R*

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I really hope so

IMO it depends on how many players will be there after full T5 will be released + maybe some free week/price drop etc etc.

But I think we might be getting at least T6 :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the game too but the playerbase will probably be too small to make a profit on the amount of work needed. So maybe not.

Tier 6 is OP.
Tier 7 is also OP.


I think none of us has seen the sales figures of Tier 4 nor do we know how much of the other DLC was sold on all platforms. However, I have my doubts that another Hunting Season will be released. We are going towards the month were all the major release will come out, as from September onwards one AAA title after the other is coming which means that even the stronger player base on PS4 and X0 will lose players and if they are coming back is another question.

I would love to see far more Hunters and Monsters as they game mechanic does not get boring but I am just not sure the current sales figures will justify and finance another hunting season.

I hope we will geht player back if the full Tier 5 & Ranked Mode are revealed

I hope too but the way they are releasing the new Hunters/Monster doesn’t really help!
It’s one thing to release one piece after the other but not giving dates for the release is just not cool!! It just doesn’t look very professional if you’d ask me to announce all this new content and than you don’t give the users at least a release schedule they could look at. What happens now is 1000 threads of speculations in which players are hyping each other to the moon and back for nothing.

The content will be released when it’s ready, whenever it’s ready. It’s far more professional to accept that there are things out of your control and you can’t define exact release dates, than to pretend that you can stick to a schedule that might not be possible. Valve stopped using release dates for the exact same reason.

I guess you can’t please everyone with the way you deal with this, but I think evidence of other companies in the past show that it’s worse PR to give a date and miss it than to just announce something is coming soon and to drop it when it’s ready. :smile:

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TRS has already said that as long as players crave more content, they’ll continue to deliver.

I see your point but when you plan a new set of hunters + Monster and you already released 4 hunters and a monster before you should know how long it takes. This is not a bashing of TRS it just looks to me as if they rushed themselves into releasing new content before they were even close to finish it.

This is not FREE content we speaking of, you have to pay full price to get the hunting season which means I purchase content but I don’t know what I will get and not even when.

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They said that they’ll keep releasing new dlc as long as the fans want more

Well it’s much closer this time to being a season pass of sorts thanks to the way reactions went with the previous release, and I’m not sure (let me know if I’m wrong) but I think season passes are usually sold without absolute release dates on future content?

But it’s not a “season” anymore they made this quite clear it’s a hunting pass. So in the term we shouldn’t speak about a season at all anymore it’s additional content for the existing game.
I guess it’s might be only my personal preference that I like to know what I get and when and there might be more people out here that prefer the way TRS is doing it now and not giving dates and stuff. But it really holds me back from buying the new pass.

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absolutely correct, most companies vaguely explain what’s in a pack.
e.g they will say it includes map/skins/additional story etc. In some cases without a release window or specific dates

I think that in general there’s little reason not to buy the new season pass unless you’re truly concerned that you’ll never use it, or you think you’ll not be interested in more than one of the characters released.

I understand not wanting to commit over playerbase fears, but I think the flipside to that is that the more that people show good faith and loyalty through the purchase of the hunting season 2 or it’s constituent parts, the more likely TRS and 2K are going to both be able to and enthusiastic to do whatever is needed to improve that side of things. It’s a bit of a catch 22!

I bought it, I don’t regret it, totally stuck on the hype train


You could just wait to see what your buying it’s not going to get more expensive

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Ive been trying to help TRS on the forums with some of my hunter ideas, and I thank the communtity for balancing them as well with me. I think Im pretty close to getting them well balanced enough to release a version 5 of their iterations. It was alot of work haha. just keep shooting those ideas to them. who knows you might see your concept come to life. now that would be something.

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Tier 8 will consist completely of Mammoth Birds.
Mammoth Birds confirmed!

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