Tier 5 wallpaper?


There is a wallpaper for all the tiers except the 5th one. Now that all the characters are out am I the only one excited to see it?


I assume you mean of these:

If so I’m not too sure on the likely-hood of seeing one for Tier 5 due to Tiers 1-4 being planned out prior to the release of the game and that Tier 4 was only not in the base game because it was heavily unfinished when the launch date came.

Still! I’d love to see them!


Could someone spam tags on all of the devs until we figure out who to force to make one for us?


I second this


I’m looking for this too ^^


Pleeeeease TRS get us one for T5. :gift_heart:


I want! :heart:


I would like a larger version of the T4 one as well, it’s a smaller resolution than the T1-3 images.


@LadieAuPair @Shaners @Chloe is the wallpaper going to exist?


This one is massive - 6000x2866

Do we have the other 3 in that size? The ones I have for T1-3 are actually way smaller.


My brain is having trouble processing the shear awesomeness of that image. :confused:


Giant Kraken - AKA Best Monster


I wish we had all of these artworks in a full/consistent size & hi-res.

The Kraken one looks like it has more to it:



I’m still looking for the uncropped one.

Like the one posted above me.




I like how Maggie and Daisy are included on this one cause she was still Tier 2 at the time

I may go in and change this to Elder Kraken


I want a poster like this for Kala


Did you ever add me on PS4?


Well my PSN is rubber_fist_me but I don’t have a Playstation anymore