Tier 5 vs queen monster


Assault Dynamite this robot resembles a newer weaponized assault based bucket colored rage red and with little gray area’s were the paint is pealing,he has a very similiar head though but has a white skull painted onto it strangelly,he is a russian spetzna bot went haywire but in cabots eyes the perfect hunter and he acts almost human,he has many Insane sayings and funny jokes and is the tier 5’s Assault,his abilitys are and he has a yellow eye and has the shoulder spot light like bucket
And he is heavy armored like other assaults.

OverShield V2 this OS last’s about 6 second’s more than the usual one doe’s and simply protects him from 30% more damage than usual OS do.

Explosive Rounds he amplifys the whole squads guns to do Explosive Flame damage to the monster or wildlife for 24 second’s,and has a slow cooldown rate.

M86 BuzzSaw a heavy machinegun with a large clip and is hip fired,this gun is a super M60 blasting at the speed of light but reloads slowly,it is a long range super assault gun but the closer you get the lesser the damage is,its a unique weapon and smokes when firing.

Orion Mine’s these throw and forget mines disable 1 of the 4 monsters abilitys for 10 seconds per mine,these are usefull when facing an aggressive monster or an powerful Queen.

Support Jade she’s black,silent and cunning,she joined for one reason and thats save shear
She is build like sunny but totally different weaponary,she has blue eyes and very short cornrows,
She was a former bounty hunter until she heard word of monsters on shear and she likes the heat of the battle so her arsenal is…and has deep black hair.

Team Cloak she cloaks the whole team but her cloak allows you to shoot while cloaked but last only 16 seconds.

Mustard Gas Grenade’s they burn the monster by emitting hot yellow gas in a certain radius and are X2 stronger than hydes grenades but last only 8 seconds after impact.

3 Barrel Sawed Off Shotgun well its for up close damage then jet out it has 3 shots per load and deals high damage Up close and has a quick reload speed and cuts a bar of armor per blast but deals average damage to health it’s for mostly armor shredding.

V2 Laser Cutter this major upgrade has X2 as much ammo and its blasts slow the monster 2 seconds per shot,and is super accurate thanks to Hank and Abe this was invented and is her favorite weapon but a Green Dot Targeting Laser Sight’s and if seen by the monster i could know your going to shoot at it or trace it back to your location and ultimately kill you.

Trapper.Onyx has poisonous abilitys and a pet Albino Reaver that’ll track the monster and help you fight it and it can revive allies and can use sniff to mark the monster for 10 seconds but back to Onyx he is Romanic and has partial loss in his left eye from the lazarus device effects,
But he fights like a hulk,he doesn’t have a large Bio,he was on factor with maggie and now has returned and he has a thin hairline of cole black hair and his doam is smaller allowing less movement from the monster,and his abilitys are and he has diamond earrings in the both ears
But he has brown eyes but got turned whitish oddly and he has a goatee,he’s about 29.

Reaver Pet can track,smell and hit and run the monster and can revive you like a teammate can,
But is X2 stronger than daisy in health.

Net Launcher a cannon that like the harpoons snare the monster but the monster must break free with multiple attacks and can reach a large distance & the net covers a wide area.

V2 Doam is a smaller more compact doam for less space for the monster to hide in,
And lasts 2 minutes so fight hard hunters.

Poison CrossBow this advanced crossbow tweaked by Abe and Lazarus,It can poison the monster making him see 4 of each hunter for 6 seconds but this weapon serves like a railgun it can shoot threw walls and uses laser boltz but has a small clip,it is single fire based and has a zoom in and out scope type for long range attacks and is useful for hit and run tactics.

Medic.Prophet an older female with redhair and was a former nurse that can deploy a decoy hologram to distract a monster this ability is like wraiths but humanized,she wears an astronaut semi like suit for unknown reasons but it will be explained later on,her and Lazarus go way back to the mutagin wars,she is about his age,short and very smart in battle and out and has a powerful healing burst and can help the team alot,she thinks humans created the monsters,she is useful…here abilitys are these…and she has green eyes.

Hologram she deploys a hologram of herself and it acts just like her,it fights,it jetpacks and even can swim thanks to wraiths DNA decoy ability but if pounced or used fire on it reveals that its a hologram decoy once the hologram has been revealed as a fake out method you become visible again yes once the hologram is deployed you become invisible until you A fire a weapon or B your hologram get’s revealed and to be honest Goliath’s Fire Breath,Krakens Vortex,Behemoth’s Tongue Grab & Wraith’s Warp Blast will Reveal the holograms a fake out or just pounce onto it and no once you kill the hologram or reveal it you cannot eat it because it’s a Well a Hologram.

Healing Burst V2 she emites a burst that fully heals the team but has a slow cool down time this can even heal a downed hunter by half allowing for prolonged death,shes useful but has the smallest radius of all the healing burst’s,you know one thing for another.

Reflector Device a device that looks like hanks shielder but when used on hunters it reflects the monsters attacks back at it dealing a lot of damage and is useful cause it can chain & cover the whole team helping you win quick,Hyde loves this device a lot but it runs outta juice fast and has to take time to recharge.

Plasmic Amplifier Rifle when you shot the monster it makes a vortex like Cabot’s amplifier
Around it for 6 seconds each allowing easy X2 damage to the monster,but the rifle fires the whole clip upon shooting and is very accurate thanks to its thermal scope,it can hit any range,
And if timed right a headshot lasts 10 seconds and does X6 damage but can you land one and this Rifle has 2 mode’s Amplifier & Dust rounds the dust rounds deal very low damage and mark the monster for 3 second’s per bullet and make the monster about 25% slowed for 5 second’s each so if your the monster try to evade these if possible].

[There Elite Skin’s Give You Golden Gun Textured Skin’s but reaching 3 star’s on the medic is very tough but on the other’s kind of Easy].


The Orion mines sound awesome.
But plz no more buckets… -_-


That medic sounds op as fuck. She makes laz useless really :smirk: I’d play her so much if this was real!


A+ for detail and character bios. But some kits need serious rework. Support sounds more like an assault and the assault like a support. Roles should be switched. Trapper needs a gun lol and poison rounds don’t seem too useful, and even if they were they wouldn’t be on a trapper. Medic is way too OP. Also I don’t see why you would toy with class abilities, for the most part they should stay consistent.

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