Tier 5 Trapper speculation


I HV heard a rumour that the New Trapper will be a Little kid WTF this will be the wierd hunter Ever why dont go to school b4 He hunt monster lol





This sounds unlikely to me. Could maybe a dev confirm this false?


I don’t think some random dude on youtube can confirm this to be honest :s


Watching it now…


He said he got the info from friends and friends of the devs.
Not confirmed.


@GrizzleMarine said ‘Don’t quote me on it’, so it’s just a rumour he heard. Also, healing flamethrowers was my first idea for the new medic!


Lel you believe it ? He is not a dev or anyone from dev. team , so he doesent have acces to any more infos than we have .

So it is most likely not true.

Just don’t blindly believe those guessings youtubers are giving to us, cause they have no proofs to backup it.

I personally think, that trapper is a robot with horned head


cough cough Japanese straw hat cough cough


Also he said he’s almost certain that the flesh spider image was concept art for Evolve, but that’s already been confirmed to be not the case, so his sources of information aren’t the most reliable it seems.


Do not be so quick to believe rumors. Personally, unless I see a dev say it themselves, I won’t believe it. Evolve has a reputation for misinformation.