Tier 5 trapper hinted?


So i saw a tip while playing griffon the other day and it said how he once teamed up with an 8armed alien species to track a monster or some such. Anyone else think this guy could make his way into the game at some point.

If so how the hell does an 8armed alien fight a monster could be interesting any ideas?


Entirely possible, but it could just be lore like the Orion Terrasaur, which won’t be in the game anytime soon.


Imagine that as wildlife…something even the monster would have to be careful around.


I wanna know if that thing on Weather Control is a Leviathan or something…
I’d really like to have something large living in the sea on some maps; fleshes out Shear’s world whilst looking awesome and spooky.


Whatever it was, it cost me a game against some friends earlier as Behemoth. Rock wall refused to form on it, lol.

But yea, I thought it looked interesting. I kind of hope the next monster is something long and kind of snake-like, even though I hate snakes it would make for an interesting monster. Though since they scrapped the worm, might not be feasible.

The idea of giant sea creatures so enormous they exist outside of the map is awesome, it reminds me of Titanfall’s alien animals if you have seen those. Be on weather control and just look out at the ocean and see…something…


Ya it is leviathan, they cut it out of the game but left that as an Easter egg to what it was going to be. We probably won’t see it in any other game


Yeah, I can’t quite describe what it’s like, staring out into a vast, black, prehistoric ocean, knowing there’s a large, elusive predator lurking there, able to swallow a Stage One Goliath whole.


Basically Godzilla, lol. Or something even bigger and more ancient.

Like an actual Kraken. The ocean and creatures so large they couldn’t exist on land is a very cool area that I hope they explore at some point.

I think there’s something about that that’s both eerie and awe-inspiring.


It’s assumed to be a Leviathan, not confirmed.


Ya it is confirmed on another thread, I’m way to tired to even try and search for it but a dev said exactly what I said in so many words, look around, you’ll find it if you really want to


I think it might be in the Evolve development thread where they show concept art.

Not 100% on that though.


Yeah, there is a concept of Leviathan, @Wolfgang but it’s not confirmed whether that exact animal on Weather Control is one.


Ah, gotcha. I hope after the mining biome we get some kind of island, coastal biome though.

Would be hard to do anything IN the water because of the way the mechanics work but settings with more water (and not stupid looking acid) would be cool to me.

Weather Control is just so atmospheric on that coast, imagine something like Paracel Storm from Battlefield in Evolve…that could be awesome.


Yes it is, I can’t remember which dev said it but they said it is confirmed that the thing beached on the shore is leviathan! they made it specifically so you could walk in its stomach as Easter egg


Hmmm, I do want to believe it is a Leviathan, it’d be pretty cool. I’ll tag @MacMan and @GentlemanSquirl.


Alright, if they don’t reply just look through forums, you’ll find the quote i promise


Did someone say spooky?


The 8-armed alien is korsoth


huh? where’s this?


On the beach of the map, theres a big corpse