Tier 5 Support Image?


I believe I have found what the new support character may look like. This was how Laz potentially was going to look. And I believe they chose to go Support instead. Notice the emphasis on the glove in the top? Thoughts?


Yeah, there were a few people posting that photo around from the Art Of book.


Really? I hadn’t seen it on here yet.


I imagine they will be very similar.


I agree. (Hence why I created this thread :grin:) but if you think about how “creepy” laz is, and how I’ve heard here on the forums that the other hunters think she is too, it makes me think they didn’t give up on her concept.


I want to know what that damn claw she has is for. It sounds like she’s going to be really unique I’m so excited.


Which is why I posted the picture and informed people that she almost became lazarus, with a glove to bring back the dead. So that people can try and speculate if they took the same concept of a glove with an amazing ability and applied it to this new support character.


What if that has nothing to do with her kit and is only aesthetic lol I’d be so bummed



I’m hoping T5 support adds something to the game that doesn’t involve the forums blowing up with OP threads day 1


I’m thinking she’s an alien, and that’s why she has claws. I’m still not convinced it’s a glove. She could have some sort of “power” then, too, that wouldn’t need explaining or tech.

We haven’t seen an actual alien character yet, but we’ve gotten another robot so it’s possible.


Matt said he got the go ahead for aliens, and slim was originally designed to be an alien, but they thought the humanoid alien trend was overdone. Being as they only had the tech for humanoid figures for hunters, they scrapped it. But yes he said he has freedom to do such things.

Speculation: t5 support glove can charge class abilities halfway. Works like laz device, activates then goes on CD, instead of over time beam type.

I still want a mini Goliath that caira grew from samples/genetically altered a clone, to run as a t6 assault.


Any pubs that drop into a game of defend would just be sitting there shooting at you. XD


Or maybe a Golith’s brain in the chasis of a war robot? (I know, there’s actually 2 robots in the game) what about a bio-mechanic chasis instead of the war robot?





All of tier 5 has really impressed me so far
I’m positive this new support will be badass
TRS will NeVa fail us.


Her glove creates a croissant for the monster to eat, effective knocking the monster off her teammates.


3 according to emet


So 35 second re-domes? No thank you.


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