Tier 5 support hunter speculation!


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Ok I am thinking because of his weird looking hand maybe a magician… like dragon hand thing.
His main weapon would be small spikes which he shoots out of his hand and make weak spots like laz and vals snipers, where, building off what some guys have said, there could be visual effect of burning away outer scales, making shots in decently sized area affect health ,with very reduced damage damage though, and armour goes down continually about one segment per 20-40 seconds for a minute after which spike falls out.
Secondary attack could be a thunderstrike (referrong to lennox) type attack where support flies towards monster Just Cause grapple-style and do half a segment of damage to monster’s health and puttIng a 50 second tracker on monster.
Third ability is very un-evolve like, but would be nice change lime Lennox is. Ability would require targeting another hunter like monsters sneak pounce aiming and withing a small range. Support puts hand on other hunter and both become invincible to attacks and support gets 2x speed boost but with no jetpack and other hunter is helplessly dragged along. Stop ability with same button as to start and the longer (farther) you go with ability the more red your screen goes till you can barely see anything.

Please criticise constructively
Thanks for reading =)

T5 support
The Personality Of Kala (The New Support)

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Pay attention to HER hand.

And remember when Rogue Val go released with a passive Healing Field?


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I mentioned in November very early that the Healing Field mechanic might hint at the 5th Medic. A passive healing field in deployable form.

Follow the pattern.


Somethkng to do with hank.sgt abilities?


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Well Hank the Technical Tank has his shield chargin ability and the Hammer of Dawn Orbital Drill death laser. Sooooo…Maybe the new Support has some sort of pre-combat use chargeup buff/debuff tool?


We just got to think what would make a gorgon rage i mean every support does it(except bucket) to their designated monsters


So far we have.

Cabot an offensive support who amplifies the hunters damage can also help track the monster with his DT.

Bucket an offensive support that provides area denial and helps track the monster with the UAV.

Hank a defensive and offensive support but not as effective as the other support hunters.

Sunny is a defensive support that shields and also boosts the hunters to track the monster more efficiently or make the team safer.

Maybe another defensive support?

I’m hoping they make something completely new just like jacks repulser.

We don’t have any support that help out the medic specifically maybe the support will fill that spot?


I say it’s a female alien, with clawed hands. No glove.


Shhh shshshh don’t say that, you’ll hype Vendalra up to the moon!


okay so sorry guys a kind of road trip for me since 9am. Building off some of your answers the 3rd ability to pull people away would be to help trapper get catch up (for those matches where the bad trapper is miles behind) or to get laz out of trouble as soon as he revives you, kinda specific scenario but they could work together like hank and caira. I was thinking there are no supports that effect monster’s speed so ‘grapple’ ability could pull monster towards support as support goes towards it so you could use it to pull a monster away from the medic which monsters usually go for and also in order to get to the Hunter to use ability 3 on them


I feel like a new support should really be a change. In reply to almost everyone talking about this although a buff support would be good,it’s extremely hard to get the right balance in a buff or debuff, it’s either too weak or rediculously annoying to monster. People also have been suggesting hunters that counter monsters specific abilities, but the whole beauty of the monster is their tactics. A support that dulls the monsters main attributes would spoil the game.