Tier 5 suggestion (movie characters)


Hi All!
I have a suggestion for the hunters on Tier 5, don’t need to be the very character from the movie, but maybe look like them
from Aliens movie,
Assault: Helen Ripley, flamethrower, auto aim rifle, extra boost
Medic: Bishop, humanoid android, can resist double time if down, armor and heal in close range
Support: Corporal Dwayne Hicks, smoke grenades, frag grenades, flash grenades
Trapper: Private Hudson, long range movement tracking device, explosive bullet rifle

From Predator Movie
Assault: Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer, invisible, machine gun, grenades
Medic: Rick Hawkins, fast, heal long range
Support: George Dillon, intel drones, aerial, detect and attack, limited lifespan
Trapper: Billy Sole, armor, web like net.

From the Thing
Assault: MacReady, molotov bomb, inflammable poison gel gun. shoot to monster or floor, throw a molotov bomb and setup the trap.
Medic: Thing/alien Blair, electric gun, heal close range if down head de-attach and run to regain health
Support: Childs, mirror images of hunters, shoot a hunter and duplicate him/her
Trapper: Clark , offensive stance pets (5 alien dogs) attack monster

But also Monsters from movies
From Species
Monster: Sil, humanoid level 1, alien form level 2, bigger alien form with tentacles

From Splice
Monster: Dren, humanoid female level 1, flying female alien form, hulk alien male form.

From the body snatchers/ the thing/ Batman’s Clayface
Monster: small animal, keep growing with every wildlife it eats, look like the last animal eaten, just different color or something if wants to evolve to full need to eat bigger animals that exposes it.