Tier 5 - New Medic and Support Audio?


Ok so this is my first time writing one of these things so give me a chance haha! Sorry if something similar has been posted before! I’m a huge fan of Evolve, love everything about it! I really like researching about the background of characters and things like that and wanted to do a little research on the new hunters that have came out and are due for release (Didn’t know Lennox is Jacks Mum until a few days ago, wow!.) I came across this audio which is prehaps the voices of the new medic and support (Kayla and T5?) and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on them and if they’d seen this video before? :slight_smile:

PS - Was that worried about all the rules I messaged the guy who made the video and got his permission to post the link haha!

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These dialogues are well known. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok well I’m a bit late on the info then haha, only joined the site yesterday, finding out allsorts!


No problemo! Welcome to the forums!

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Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just wanted to pop in and welcome you to the forums.

So welcome to the forums. :smile:

Also, it may be worth giving this thread a read. It gives you the ins and outs of the forum so to speak.

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Thank you, I’ll give it a read! :smile: Argh seems like there’s so many rules already!

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Crazy isn’t it! Jack’s insecure about anyone finding out, I’m really interested on knowing a background on his childhood!


Jack is a great character ^^
gives joy in hunting monsters

… Happy that he didn’t get Mama Lennox’s arrogance >.<


Ooh! :smile: I think she wanted to go off on her own and abandoned him or something so he had to learn how to make his own weapons like she did and calls himself the ‘Jackal’ to hide who he is because of his insecurites …

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Where did you hear/read this?

Edit: I found it…that’s wierd.


Well I read she’s the thunderchild and she created her suit and (I think) weapons so growing up Jack must have picked up on bits and bobs and then when he needed them made things for himself? He always calls himself Jackal with no explanation why and I just guessed that he does it because he’s insecure and doesn’t either see Lennox as his Mum because of there past together or he doesn’t like who he is/who he’s became …


I’m sorry. I wasn’t specific enough in my post. I was unaware until I read your thread that Lennox was Jack’s mom. Interesting theory on why Jack calls himself The Jackal though. I like it.

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Lol where are you from? If you don’t mind me asking of course. I haven’t heard that before, the “bobs” part at least. In America I’ve always heard “bits and pieces.”


I’m from a small awful town called Grimsby, moved to work at a holiday camp for 3 years and then moved to Scotland to live with my boyfriend so I plod along with my common sayings picking up things as I go I guess!


Isn’t that not too far from Scunthorpe? Or am I losing the plot…?


Yeah it’s somewhere near Scunthorpe! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thought as much, I lived like a 30 min drive away from Scunny… Small world XD

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Oh my god that’s strange haha small world indeed! I’m like over 300 miles away from home now but back there for Christmas, can’t wait! :smiley:

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