Tier 5 Monster Theory

So here’s a thought that just came to me–what if the T-5 monster is actually the Lazarus man that was part of Torvald’s crew on the Ajax?
There’s a convo between Laz and Torvald, where Laz is telling him not to worry about the device and such; with Torvald telling him he knows because there was also a Lazarus man when all hell broke lose…“in the end, he couldn’t save us; he couldn’t even save himself” (something along those lines)
Then the convo where Laz speaks of a monster that could learn to raise the dead similar to a Lazarus man-
Oh and the monster also looks pretty bald like Laz :smile:

When he said "he couldn’t save himself"he says he couldn’t save himself from the monster, also @Matthew already stated that the monsters are not related to humans so this could not happen.


This is true, unfortunately.

The theory of this being the Monster that destroyed the Ajax is still a possibility which would be amazing IMO.


Si <this thread got rekt sadly…

Yeah Torvald has say it is very different to the other Monster. The New Monster is very different so i think it will be it

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I’m still sold that it’s a gen 3 basilisk soldier gone wrong. Probably Torvalds friends that he has a convo with slim about. Plot twist



That’s my hope, he states that it is unlike the others and that the Hunters will “know when you see it.”



It has been confirmed multiple times by the devs that the monsters are not related to humans.

Therefore they cannot be basilisk soldiers since they are humans. Also, they have also confirmed that they are not basilisk soldiers gone wrong.


Do people not listen to any dropship convo where they say how the monsters are related and not ANYTHING else. I didn’t see people say how behemoth could be hanks hotter cousin, why did everyone get stupid and think basilisk soldier when they saw t5 monster…

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See I feel like maybe the monster could’ve, IDK, assimilated him or something. So like, the monster isn’t based off him, but part of him is in it.

But my favorite theory for the Ajax monster is that it just died aboard the ship and Torvald is insane, chasing a ghost he’ll never find until he breathes his last and sees his folly, and dies in vain. Alone.



You’ve been waiting so long for this moment.


It’s not a basilisk soldier or a laz.
However, whatever is making these monsters can inspire one off of a basilisk soldier or a laz.

omfg! This is too funny! xD I’m shutting down!

Or you know… Torvalds on too many drugs??

If what???

What? I dont understand…