Tier 5 monster release date?

In waiting for the edit I know must be coming

What edit.

Did you actually mean to say words then? Doesn’t logically make sense to say that the word is the same because what else would it be

The general idea is that. Don’t always believe what you see and hear. Regardless of where it came from. It’s like believing in the media.

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You mean, Facebook lies to me! :frowning:

Wouldn’t surprise me. Facebook…ugh…it’s the coD of the social world…gross.

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It was a joke, I don’t have face book, or really anything

I know. I’m a little surprised someone of your age doesn’t use FB. It’s quite the common thing between teens these days.

Sheesh, sounds like you have trust issues…

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How this debate sounds to me

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Shane has confirmed the Monster is not the last one it will release between the hunters

I don’t remember who but they said that the monster will not be the last monster, so we think that the monster will be released October

I think it was @DamJess on Twitter.

I think so too.

It was Shane, like Darknezz said

Ha i didn’t even see that

How can you miss it, it’s right above your post asking who said it o.O

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I’m sorry but I’m still wondering how old you all think I am, it’s just nagging me

I’ll leave now…

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Did I miss a memo?

I’m talking about this