Tier 5 monster release date?

Now that we have Jack Im starting to doubt that we will have to wait another two months for the next character. If they were to keep that schedule we would need to wait 6 more months until tier 5 is completely released. What we do know now is that the monster will probably be next in line, since one of the devs (I dont remember who) tweeted that the monster would not be the last one, and it also wouldnt make sense for it to be fourth, so it is most likely the third. If I were to guess any reasonable time I would say PAX prime at the end of this month, but maybe Im just being hopeful.

The consensus is around Halloween.

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medic around mid october, support around christmas and monster around feb. Mar16th will probably be something else.

I hope not, I cant wait :frowning:

Except it’s been stated that monster will be out before 2016


March 16th isn’t a release date of any kind. It’s a deadline. It just means that no matter what, the dlc has to be released before or at that date.

Yeah, chances are everything will be released a while before march 16.

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Possibly. I’m just speculating. Since so far it’s a pattern.

It’s been confirmed that the monster is coming before the year’s end so no need to speculate to that degree with a fact like that floating around :wink:


I’ll remain doubtful. Wouldn’t be the first time things have been said and not delivered.



My speculation has it pegged around October/Halloween. Any sooner and I’ll be delightfully surprised. Any later and I’ll be disappointed.


This thread again :smile:

We cant really predict when the new monster will be out because we dont know TRS agenda but if anything it should be before next year.

what is there to doubt, if it’s a fact it’s a fact, there is no room for mistrust when they tell us information

You’ll understand when you’re older.

You’ll have to wait. ^.-

Here’s a solution.


I think you just don’t like having your ideas being contradictory to the facts we have and people pointing it out, I think you’re just stubborn

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I am stubborn yes. But when people say things…doesn’t always mean it’s going to happen.

Look at the batman AK game. It was delayed…TWICE. And that was with REAL dates…they had to delay it (for whatever reason it was I don’t know.) Bottom line, things change.

Can’t compare TRS to batman, different people, but situations do happen, but so far it doesn’t sound like it

Different people yes, but the words still the same.