Tier 5 monster leaked!


April fools suckas!!! xD




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Okay, this was just cruel, man. Just…Below the belt. Ouch!

I didn’t fall for it by the way, I’m just obligated to check every new thread. Just in case. :slight_smile:

What? No, I’m not lying.


I knew this would get people’s curiosity rolling xD


I must warn you though, I think you aroused the hopes of some of the forum’s more powerful, less merciful denizens…Be afraid.


I wanted to do this e_e


I fear nothing. Fear is such a weak emotion. Only the strong accept the challenge at hand and face the fear instead of cowering at it. Bring it on! :fist:


Two great minds think alike! Do it in a couple hours when more people are awake. Let’s work together and fool the community. MUHAHAHA!!!


Okay then.

MaddCow, SledgePainter, Takran, Plaff, SlinkyGuy, Brandini and Alex_Versnel. I do believe @thebagelwar has issued a challenge.