Tier 5 Monster leak (Fake)

I’m not even sure if I am allowed to post this here but an image of the fifth monster ( which looks really sick btw ) has been leaked an hour ago. Thread may get deleted, so you might wanna look fast. Happy hunting!


Looks OP plz nerf


Its not even out yet! How can you be screaming OP!

Holy, jizzle bums, that, seems, OP :smiley:

Well fart me a lullaby and call me grandma!

That’s the scariest monster I ever did saw!

I’ve changed the title. Please do not post click bait links/threads.

Well, that takes the wind out of the joke…

Cows are very serious animals.

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Super cereal! :smiley:

That’s fun to say, Wrakenhemoliath

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thanks for the title alter @MaddCow but try not to take all the wind out of their sails :wink:


I wonder if this is fake.

I wouldn’t call this clickbait, it’s pretty easy to tell it’s a joke considering the real one would be pinned, a long article with real photos, have a ton of comments, not be classified as off topic, and would have devs commenting like crazy. It just kinda kills the joke with the title alter on this.

True, but not everyone thinks like that unfortunately. I would rather have a slight sail knock then have it flagged into oblivion :frowning:

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This is the mother monster that all others are born from!

Rockwall, aftershock, warb blast rock throw

Behemoth harmour and goli health with wraith feeding/evolve speeds

Gg trs

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Kill it with fire.

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you must be new here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You guys are silly

That’s the real T5 monster