Tier 5 monsta speculation

I think the tier 5 monster might be a first gen basilisk soldier that maybe escaped it would be awesome if so What do you people think I mean it is looking buggish in nature and slim saying “The first gen were monsters” but I do doubt it is a first gen because how would it reproduce? Why is it as fast at making more of it unless its like a cellular split thing where it splits in half but i’m conflicted on the idea though whether or not its a basilisk but before i get side tracked what do you guys think

It’s been confirmed multiple times this is not the case. Someone will post a link soon I guarantee.

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Oh thought it wasn’t thanks

Been thought if many times and confirmed that it isn’t a Basilisk soldier. :smile:


It’s in no way related to Basilisk Soldiers. Stop.

No worries, there are several existing topics in the monster subcategory, feel free to explore!

Easy, killer. He’s new.

You can use the search option to see other discussions about this topic. But here’s the official response:

@TheMountainThatRoars You ninja

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