Tier 5 medic

We NEED this. I dont care how we get it, but it would be like monster v mech. Left arm medic, right arm trapper, left leg assault, right leg support, head is just a head.
Wait no the head is Daisy!

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From the silhouette, the medic looks like a fighter pilot. Maybe this medic can actually fly around instead of hover.

"SUCK MY LIGHTNING DICK!" -ToiletWraith 2015


I am hoping it follows the T5 theme. Lennox and Jack, geniuses that built their tech and gear to combat the monsters. I’m hoping that medic has some kind of tech suit as well. I absolutely do not want any more robots added to the game.

you called?

Yes, definitely!


Haha. Hilarious gobi


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According to my calculations, Medic should be released around December 22.

Man, sucks TRS doesn’t get a Holiday break then…


Remember this is only an estimate. It can be earlier like December 15 or something.

Or later after the Holiday breaks :expressionless:

What if instead of healing the hunters, the medic healed the monster instead?

Think of the mind games.

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What if the new medic uses some form of healing drone as it’s/their healing ability? I believe I heard someone in their stream today say that they wanted more drones in the game, or something along those lines.

I think a deployable would be be a neater idea and would be the most different way to heal than we currently have

Yeah, I meant a sentry thing like Bucket or Sunny has, that you deploy on the ground. Perhaps it periodically emits a healing wave around it, and you can have a couple of them out at a time? If that’s not what you mean, then could you elaborate on what you mean by deployable?

Placable healing items wouldnt work. It would make it impossible to heal on the run, and if they were to get another tool meant for healing at long range (like the healing bug) the medic wouldnt have a utility tool.