Tier 5 kala theories


tell me all your theories about her I saw one theory on her saying that she could of spliced her dna with the monsters for example her glowing eye- The kraken, her rocky skin- the behemoth, wraith teleportation mech thing she has, or the goliath claw maybe she might me be getting her last dna piece from the gorgon so that’s why she is going to shear (JUST A THEORY SO DONT ASSUME THIS IS ALL TRUE CAUSE SOME OF YOU GUYS GET BUTTHURT)


I think the eye around Jack’s neck in the tube is Kala’s old eye.
It looks too human.


I thought Jack’s Eye was a “easter egg” or reference to something

EDIT: Jack has an eye in a vial on his necklace, possibly referencing the YouTuber Jacksepticeye.
- Evolve Wiki


Can’t it be both? Do you have to bash my dreams?!
I believe his logo has a blue iris, the one in-game is brown



Possibly, just possibly…


Oops just realized quote at top had my theroy! Sorry! My bad!


NO but why would jack have her eyes then because I never thought of that


its okay I didn’t know you had your theory about kala as well it was my mistake


Pretty sure she only has Wraith in her.

But yes, it is all but confirmed that she is in some way half monster.


@MaddCow made a observant remark about what could be flowing through those tubes in her arm. After having read the back story, it is suggested the monsters need Borium to maintain their biological stability. So perhaps she has Borium flowing through those tubes?


Why would it he a reference to him? The iris isn’t blue, it’s not green, and Jack has never played Evolve to my knowledge. You don’t just pay tribute to someone or something that’s done nothing for you or your game.


He has played it a few times, in collaboration with Pewdiepie, Cinnamontoastken, ohmwrecker and nerd^3 (I believe)


Well my point still stands. Why make a tribute to someone who’s hardly done videos for it. Its make sense for people like @GrizzleMarine who’s channel is basically dedicated to it but not JSE.


Way to ruin my far-fetched idea @Chloe and @Matthew! lol
Oh well