Tier 5 Hunter Abilities - What Do You Want to See?


We just got our first look at the T4 hunters and their abilities, but what kinds of abilities/weapons would you like to see in future tiers. Who knows…maybe we’ll get to see some of these in the future! I’ll start with a few I think are cool and would make for some interesting gameplay:

Grappling Hook - Support - Can be aimed and used to either pull the Support to the monster or to pull fellow hunters to the Support.

Life Relay - Medic - Large gun that deploys capsules on the ground that provide AOE healing every second for a set amount of time. The healing amount per second is split amongst all people in proximity to the capsule…the more people nearby, the less healing received.

Combat Mech - Support/Assault - Summons a 10 foot exo-skeleton suit that can be piloted for a short amount of time or until destroyed. Grants full set of new weapons/abilities for hunter, including flak cannon and heat-seeking missile launcher. Running and jetpack speed is reduced.

Remote Bomb - Support/Assault - Places a small explosive that can be remote detonated. Can place up to five. Smaller AOE than Markov’s mines along with a little less damage and longer reload speed. Cannot be seen by monster and can also be planted on wildlife (dead or alive). If wildlife is eaten by monster, hunter will get a message that his/her bomb has been ingested. Detonating an ingested explosive deals the damage directly to monster’s health…regardless of armor.

Spirit Journey - Trapper - Allows the trapper to leave his/her body and enter the spirit world for a short time. Trapper’s spirit is invisible (even to teammates), can pass through wildlife, has increased speed, and is immune to damage. However, Trapper’s body remains stationary where the ability was first activated and serves as a decoy. Once ability ends, Trapper’s original body disappears and will reappear at the spirit’s current location. Using any ability or weapon brings the Trapper out of the effect.

Thoughts? Share your own ideas! :smiley:


The trolling is going to be real. :laughing: About to dome? No you’re not! Finally got close to the Monster with your flamethrower? Get back here! Jetpacked into a good position for a hard fight? Nope, come down here and fight! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the ideas though.


Ooooooo…good point…never considered that lol! I guess it’s no difference as a Hank dropping an Orbital next to you when you’re about to chase or shoot a monster with a tracking dart/tranq. :open_mouth:

The idea is to be able to help position your team…either by pulling them out of harms way or bringing them closer to the fight if they get knocked back. Any idea how one could work around that issue without having to actually just make sure you know/trust your teammate?


I could see this as either assault or trapper too. Depends on the primary use I guess. Good idea.

Think harpoon trap + mine + medgun? Am I correct? This would be pretty sweet and a nice unique way to have a medic.

Although this is pretty sweet, I don’t think something like this would be implemented soo early in the game. This might be like tier 8+ depending on monsters.

“Remote C4” + tracking dart would be pretty neat. I think this would be support rather than assault. But neat enough to be possible early in development.

Umm. Interesting idea but a bit out there. Neat idea but I don’t see this.


It’s only expected. And who knows. What goes here may be implemented in future hunters. Even if not tier 5


I do love the idea of a grappling hook and think it would be amazing. Perhaps it only works if the team mate in question “accepts” it? Perhaps by moving in that direction. Sort of like a harpooned Monster moving towards the harpoon source is faster, moving in the direction of the grappler boosts movement and jetpack.


Welp like the ideas but wat about the names?


Thanks for the feedback…really appreciate it! Yeah I was thinking of a Native-American-like Trapper in regards to the whole Spirit Journey ability lol. Maybe too much…but then again, we do have a talking bug as a Medic now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Spirit Journey would be interesting for an Indian themed Hunter. Give him something like an automatic crossbow and gravity bolas to hold the Monster down?


That’s the type of person I was thinking of. Awesome idea in regards to gravity bolas and a crossbow! That would fit the character well.


I like the Spirit Journey thing, reminds me of D3 Witch Doctor.

I wanna see an ability with a genuine root effect, not just slow, something that pulls the Monster to the ground and holds them there, or a deployable trap-like gravity field that pulls Monsters out of the air and slows them. I wanna see sensor drones, like from the movie Prometheus, that actively seek out the Monster like automatic UAVs. I wanna see a Medic with real healing who can quick-revive while administering a stimpack/adrenaline shot. I wanna see a melee Assault who can switch between giant blades & guns, and their special ability is dual wielding for 2x damage. I wanna see a solid energy shield that protects from knockback and does damage reduction. I posted a lot of ideas for things I want to see in the “Fully Fledged Hunter Ideas” thread.


I didn’t want to flesh out whole characters…too soon maybe lol? Just rather a simple discussion about some of the unique abilities/weapons we could see in the future and how they would change up the game.


Not going to lie…the D3 Witch Doctor was my inspiration for that ability!

Your gravity field/well sounds cool…sort of like Abe’s grenade, but instead of a bunch of little ones being thrown around its one big one, right? The Assault with blades is an awesome idea…we need this now!!!

I’ll have to check out that thread…probably could have posted these there. :confused:


Eh, they’re both fine. You could flesh out character ideas there if you wanted and still talk about abilities people would like to see here.


Seriously? T4 isnt even out yet, and we’re talking about T5?



That Grappling Hook sounds both trolly and OP.

Imagine a Trapper throwing a dome, then the Support pulling him out before it closes. It’s a scary thought.


A trapper that can tame animals to grow friendlier and give you a alert when the monster is near. Also much more violent toward the monster.


Uhhhhh… have you played Titanfall? lol

No, seriously, these are all solid ideas n’all, but they are somewhat missing the unique vibe other Hunters have. THey are… too classy. Which is wierd.

But exploding a Monster from inside would be truly brilliant. Give it to a support plox.


Wouldn’t it be freaking sweet to fight a Goliath with a Titan?