Tier 5 ETA?

For several reasons I stopped playing Evolve for over a month now. I just got on the Lennox train before I stopped, but was kinda shocked that there are no new characters nor patches released for quite some time now.

I understand that there are some things going on in the background like optimised matchmaking and ranked (finally), but was seriously wondering what the agenda is on T5? You cannot expect people to buy a hunting season pass and not release every character around the same time without telling. This is not a problem for myself since I played this game long enough to know it might be better to just buy Lennox (had a feeling it might take a while before they release the rest), but we still haven’t seen anything new. No trailer, no gameplay, not art, nothing.

Some more clarification on the release of Tier 5 characters + monster would be greatly appreciated.

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We’re not getting any info on T5’s ETA until they say otherwise.

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TRS are working on each new Hunter and monster individually as to avoid the tier 4 release issues with the balance being all over the place. (remember torvald mortar spamming? LOL) TRS aren’t releasing any solid dates about release and probably for good reason but expect each release about a month or so apart. Sure it’s a long time but at least the characters won’t be broken at release.

ETA is on store page - March 2016.

And check the newsletter after tomorrow stream.

No ಠ_ಠ

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March 2016 isn’t an ETA, it’s a deadline.

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Yeah seems to follow their logic indeed. Doesn’t apply to the fact that it has been weeks since any release, they wanted to push out a patch every two weeks, it has been longer than a month now. They needed longer than a few months to build a new matchmaking system.

Al the stuff that should have been in the game is slowly being released, the new content of characters and monsters is being pushed out so slow that this game will only be barely played on PC when it releases. Some frustration is pretty normal when you are the player.

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Open the Steam/Xbox/PS4 store and look at the description. There is “All content will be released by March 2016”

If it’s not ETA than what it is? Do you know what ETA means? Estimated Time of Arrival, and phrase “content will be released”, hmmm, may it’s an time of arrival?

@niaccurshi, this is also reply for you.

“Will be released by” is a deadline, not an ETA, which as you’ve explained means “Expected to be released on”

Like Nia said, it’s a deadline…

Well the ETA is their contract in which they have to release a few maps and gamemodes, release two tiers of extra hunters and characters + stuff I don’t know about. They have a year to finish all this and then they have the freedom to do whatever they want as a studio. At least, that was the knowledge I have from a few months back.

TRS are working with a lot on their hands right now, i can cut them a break on not being too regular with patches atm, with hunt 2.0 , tier 5, the mega-patch that’ll “Change the meta of the game for the first time since pre-launch” The new arena made map, and the various weekend challenges they gotta keep pushing out to keep the community happy. Though i do agree, they’re taking their sweet time from a consumer perspective. However from a reasonable perspective its justified. They just wanna load the game with as much content as possible but need the time to create it all

Well they are in charge of all of it, so its in their right to take their time if they think they need it. But no communication is becoming pretty darn frustrating. This game is in desperate need of some professional help, and no communication, not releasing content on a schedule, pushing out patches and other things that break the game in a different perspective. This game needs some love, and it isn’t even trying. What happens if you like a girl and you never tell her when the next date is going to be. She loses interest. What happens if you promise a girl a massage and keep telling her every week that you will do it the week after that? She loses interest. What if you tell that girl that you might go abroad for longer than a year, in a year. But never really tell her what kind of future she has with you? She loses interest.

300+ people playing atm… Even Guns of Icarus is played more.

Sounds like it isn’t really true love in this situation. If you love a guy then don’t leave him just because he’s bad with a calendar and memory. I feel sorry for the dude tbh. :broken_heart: :frowning:


A little info would be nice, can’t disagree with you there. But I’m betting they have their reasons whatever they might be :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, thats how I feel for Evolve right now… :frowning: well… for a while tbh. It’s just not getting better.

What is the point of this thread, btw? I appreciate you want information, but you’re an old enough forum regular that you know that they aren’t going to tell you anything just because you made a thread, and that when there is news they’ll announce it. So are you just using this as an opportunity to make negative and somewhat hurtful jabs at the devs? Do you believe that attitude will get you the information you desire?

Edit: I understand you are sincere, I just wonder if you realise that nothing good is coming of this?


Every relationship needs trust, we just gotta show 'er some love, tell 'er she’s pretty and not ask her about her bugs and graphical errors. She knows better than anyone LOL

Everything should be done between now and march next year. With the new Ranked match making, I would imagine the next update would have a hunter. Possibly this update since this should be a title update and we have to have a title update for the hunters so all consoles and PC can play them at the time of release.

maybe just needed to vent :slight_smile: