Tier 5 Ant Monster Eyes Theory


So i hv a Theory how many Eyes the Monster have

Wraith has 0 Eyes ( or maybe 2 Blind eyes )
Goliath has 2 Eyes
Kraken has 4 Eyes
Behemoth has 6 - 7 Eyes

So i think our Humanoid Ant will have 8 Eyes like a Spider ( or maybe 1 Big Eye and 8 small Eyes around the Big Eye )

What do u think ?


1 big eye = ruined IMO

I’d much prefer 8 or so smaller eyes


One big eye, or no eyes.


That’s very false information pal. It’s concept art of nothing.

I regret bringing that image to the forums :confused:


It’s a spider-based Monster. I expect it to have more than one eye.


So… It’s NOT Host concept art? Because that got spread around the forums like wildfire.


I know. I put it on the forums as suspected T5 Monster concept art. The artist Stephen-0akley denied it being true and said it was something he did for fun.



You failed me.


Correction. The exact quote was

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Still a proponent of the one big eye/slit eyes thing I mentioned in another thread. That doesn’t mean it won’t have more eyes, it’s just that the one will be prominent.

That said, I’m totally open to being wrong. It’s just a prediction based on Lennox’s suit design. I’m sure whatever they do it will look as amazing as their other designs so far :slight_smile:


I didn’t say it was T5 concept art. I said it was Host concept art that likely spawned the general idea for T5Monster’s general features. You said that it’s concept art of nothing, when in all actuality he never stated that it’s not Host concept art.


Wow, that’s actually a really good theory!


It’s titled the “Flesh Spider”. Its not a host concept art.

I think you forget I was the one who brought that image to the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatever happened after it was deconfirmed is beyond me but it’s not concept art, he just makes a lot of creepy drawings for himself.


One big eye on chest


Yeah TRS did a great Job on the Design ^^
Evolve has the Best Character Designs ever

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“1 big fat eye i can launch my missiles into” say’s the Bucket :heart_eyes: :bucket_salute: :heart_eyes: !!

Spiders have quiet a few eyes so it could be any number really

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What if this T5 spider had 2 heads like me old muka Freja! and a laser beam as an ability :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe it will be one single eye, if concept art is anything to go on. But concept art is just that…and we’ve all seen the vary drastic iterations of Goliath and Kraken, for example. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bunch of eyes, but I also think 1 eye would work since each monster has its own array of eyes (or not), and a single eye would fit perfectly). Behemoth already has a nice grouping of eyes.

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T6 monster 10+ eyes? - Beholder confirmed.


Chu can’t tell how many eyes it has, cause the T5 Spant’s always gonna be wearing its cool dude sunglasses. =3=

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